Even Harry Houdini couldn’t escape the grim reaper


The wizard and wizards are crazy about Harry Houdini. But the one day of the year his legion of fans want the most pay homage to the greatest magician of all time — Halloween, the date of his death — they cannot.

It’s because his Queens resting place –Machpelah Cemetery in Glendale – is not open for business that day for fear of real-life goblins.

The legendary illusionist and escape artist was 52 when he died in 1926.

For many years, members of the American Society of Magicians have gathered at his grave on October 31 to break a magic wand on Houdini’s memorial, according to McGill’s Office for Science and Society.

But the “Ritual of the Broken Wand” will not be performed this year due to the closure.

“The cemetery operators have unfortunately discovered by experience that the festival invites acts of vandalism. Indeed, Houdini’s grave was repeatedly desecrated and was badly damaged in 1993,” the McGill website says.

Houdini died in 1926 at age 52 on October 31.
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But all is not lost. The Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pa., holds its annual session on Monday afternoon — Harry died at 1:26 p.m. EST — in an attempt to contact the mystical GOAT from beyond.

The band says past attempts have featured thrilling moments of flickering candles and swaying chandeliers

Houdini originally made his bones doing card tricks and garden variety magic acts, but was most famous for his ability to escape just about anythingincluding handcuffs, water torture cells, ropes and straitjackets.

“I don’t think anyone can ever compare to Houdini and his ability to smile and escape in the craziest, craziest of conditions. You don’t have anyone doing that today, ‘mentalist’The Incredible Kreskin” told the Post. “He captured the imagination of audiences around the world.”

He is buried under a granite monument that bears his stage name in capital letters.

Houdini's grave was repeatedly desecrated on the anniversary of his death.
Houdini’s grave was repeatedly desecrated on the anniversary of his death.
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The American Society of Magicians previously honored Houdini with a "Ritual of the broken wand" ceremony at his grave.
The American Society of Magicians previously honored Houdini with a “Ritual of the Broken Wand” ceremony at his grave.
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For years, graveyard ghouls have made the pilgrimage to Machpelah to see its most famous resident. These days, the cemetery is pretty much run down except for its headliner Houdini.

Born Erik Weisz in Budapest in 1874, Houdini lived in Mrs. Leffler’s former boarding house on East 79th Street between Second and Third Avenues from the age of 9 to 20 – and is said to have moved out of his top-floor apartment to practice his magic. on the roof.

Houdini’s widow, Bess, who died in 1943, had wished to be buried next to her soul mate and business partner, but her Catholic family instead buried her 35 miles north at Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Westchester County, rather than a Jewish cemetery.

The uber illusionist once promised his wife that if it was possible to communicate with the dead, he would come back to her.


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