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This year’s World Cup is quite different.

If it was a regular World Cup, it might have ended recently.

However, the nature of Qatar’s climate meant that it was impossible to stage the tournament in 40 degrees.

Thus, the very first Winter World Cup will take place in November.

hot deal

Winter is only in name, however, as temperatures are still expected to be high.

With temperatures north of around 25C expected, organizers had to bring state-of-the-art engineering cooling technology, like climate-controlled seats, to Al Thumama Stadium.

Qatar2022 World Cup screenshot

But that’s not all they do to cool the stadium.

Here is a video detailing the design in more detail:

What to pay attention to

As far as participants go, there aren’t many new names to look out for.

Qatar will be the only country to make its World Cup debut.

The draw, however, might not belong to first-time upstarts, but to two very seasoned veterans.

A very possible scenario is that this will be the last World Cup for two of the greatest players of their generation.

Ronaldo is 37 and Messi has said he will re-evaluate a lot of things after the World Cup.

So, in all likelihood, this could be the duo’s last World Cup.

Aside from the potential end of the international careers of these two legends at the highest level, the games themselves promise great drama.

The two all-time greats have both appeared in four World Cups, with Ronaldo scoring seven and Messi bagging six. They are yet to win a World Cup and will see this as the perfect opportunity to change that.

Fans can expect to see these superstars playing hard for their own country as this could be their last chance to win the World Cup title before withdrawing from the international tournament.

Fans can expect favorites like France, England, Brazil and Germany to face off. As well as potential upsets by dark horses like Belgium.

singapore time

Another positive point of having a World Cup on this side of the globe is the timing of the matches.

Qatar are only five hours ahead of Singapore, so most matches will be played at rather manageable times.

This is of course not the first time that matches have been shown at manageable times (thanks, Japan and Korea), but good news nonetheless:

Screenshot of ScheduleWorld

As there is only a five-hour time difference between Qatar and Singapore, viewers can catch live matches at home, in pubs or bars, without making drastic adjustments to their daily schedules.

For example, the Senegal vs. Netherlands game on Nov. 21 starts at 6 p.m., while the Germany vs. Japan game on Nov. 23 starts at 9 p.m.

That’s good news because you won’t need to skip work the next day to catch a few extra winks.

Grand Prize

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If traveling isn’t your thing, the official beer brand of this year’s FIFA World Cup is also offering plenty of other exciting pre-World Cup activities and promotions.

You might be lucky enough to see these players in action:

Good luck.

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Image by Günther Simmermacher from Pixabay


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