English Dub Review: Vermeil in Gold: “The Desperate Magician and the Imprisoned Disaster”


Insight: Alto (Mike Haimoto) summons a new familiar in the charming demon, Vermeil (Monica Rial), causing an uproar in his school life.

Our opinion : When a boy desperately needs to summon a familiar, a handsome, busty demon answers the call. It’s a tale as old as time complete with bare summoning and the only way to replenish its thrust is to suck it dry… of mana, of course.

All joking aside, this is a relatively easy to follow and fun setup of magic school and fan service in which Viola finds himself with his only weak point to summon, giving way to his femme fatale, Vermeil . It’s conventional in its tropes, especially with Alto having lethal powerful mana and hidden potential, but there are various levity moments to keep things airy and entertaining like poking fun at the practical situation of Alto finding the right book. at the right time to summon Vermeil or her promiscuous interactions with him.

Viola’s jealous best friend, Lilia, furious with her flirty new friend, is another great example of these goofy and charming situations. However, incurring his wrath allows some interesting facts about the school in their dueling system to resolve disputes. Additionally, the villainous reputation associated with demons also helps build the magical world and the school within it, which will no doubt play a part in their relationship later on. Vermeil and Alto’s secrecy about its true nature will also be an intriguing factor in the fallout of a potential discovery.

However, even with all of these positive qualities, there are still many concepts that go along with the book, such as Alto’s naive inability to see that Lilia is very much in love with him and very shows it forcefully. For the stereotype that he is, his honorable personality simultaneously makes him a pretty decent shepherd for the show, but hopefully he can be fleshed out more as the narrative continues. Other than perhaps Vermeil herself, nothing here will leave you shocked and amazed, but Vermeil and Alto’s characterizations are still a delightful introduction to the series going forward and might make you blush once or twice.


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