Elden Ring Chelona’s Rise Puzzle Guide


In this Elden Ring guide, we will give you full details of the location of Chelona’s Rise tower and three Great Wise Beasts, so you can easily solve the Chelona’s Rise puzzle and open the door.

Where to find Chelona Rise Tower at Elden Ring

Chelona’s Rise is a magician’s tower, the door of which is sealed and can only be unlocked by solving a puzzle. You can find this tower quite easily by going south from Evergaol du Meneur.

The Rise Tower of Chelona can be found to the southwest of the Lunar Domain Ruins and Manus Celes Cathedral. It’s not too far from those places, so you can find it quite easily.

To solve Chelona’s Rise Puzzle, you will also receive a hint, which is “Search for three great wise beasts”. After reaching the tower and getting the clue to find the three great sages, you need to find them to progress further.

Chelona’s Rise Three Great Wise Beast Locations

We’ll walk you through the Three Wise Beasts locations for the Chelona’s Rise puzzle as well as the map locations in Elden Ring so you can find them easily.

These three beasts are basically big turtles that you’re going to find in Elden Ring, so without wasting much time, let’s start with their locations.

Great Wise Beast #1

Right at Chelona’s Rise where you read the note saying look for three large wise beasts, go little right towards the edge of the mountain.

When you look down from the edge of the mountain, you will find this turtle stuck to the side of the mountain. Just hit it once or twice and it will fall. After that, you can move on to the second location.

Great Wise Beast #2

Elden Ring Three Great Wise Beasts Location 2

Go to the place indicated on the map above and from there advance a little towards the standing rocks. From there, you can easily see the turtle on the ledge below.

Just jump and hit the turtle and it will disappear and you can move to the location of the third and last turtle.

Great Wise Beast #3

Elden Ring Three Great Wise Beasts Location 3

Travel to the location marked on the map above to reach the horse jump updraft. Jump using the updraft to automatically kill the third great wise beast

After that, you can return to Chelona’s Rise Tower and enter it. Climb the stairs until you can and after that, stand on the middle switch of the circular elevator and it will take you up.

Once you’ve used the elevator, exit and use the stairs to go higher. You will come to a room with a chest inside. Open the chest and you will find Ranni’s Dark Moon.


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