Dragon Ball and 9 other anime with the worst creeping power


It’s hard to watch long-lived anime and not see some power leak sign. When the villains are introduced, they must be powerful enough to not only challenge the hero, but also make the viewer wonder how the hero can win. But once this villain is defeated, the hero faces ever stronger challenges. Ultimately, the original villain who seemed undefeatable is now so weak that he can be defeated with a single punch.

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Some anime know when to end their series, but some series go on for years and, in the end, all the power is a complete mess with characters capable of destroying the planet.

ten Dragon Ball has its characters that blow up planets at the end

Son Goku goes on an adventure in Dragon Ball

Dragon ball started his streak with Goku being a talented young martial artist blessed with superhuman strength and speed. But by the time Master Roshi was introduced, the scale of power was already strange, as Roshi showed the ability to wipe out an entire mountain with his Kamehameha wave.

Later, characters much stronger than Roshi would be introduced just by Dragon ball alone. Dragon ballThe need to make the next enemy so much more impressive would gradually leave behind almost anyone that was relevant at any given time. And it all went out the window when Freeza showed off the ability to destroy a planet with a beam at his fingertips.

9 Bleach features villains aiming to alter reality itself

ichigo kurosaki from the manga and anime bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki starts out as a young Soul Reaper with barely enough power to fight Hollows. But by the time the Soul Society arc begins, it should follow characters who have been fighting for centuries.

It is only through training with Kisuke Urahara in intense methods that he finds ways to obtain his Shikai and Bankai in a matter of days, although it normally takes decades or more to acquire these powers. And that’s just the start – eventually, Ichigo gains enough power to far surpass most Soul Reaper Captains and defeat Aizen, whose goal was to become a god.

8 Gundam 00 continues to introduce new, more powerful robots

Gundam 00 begins by presenting four Gundams made by Celestial Being. They’re made of a better material than most mechas which makes them more durable, but what really makes them superior are the GN motors they use. This power makes them nearly impossible to face, with only four of them capable of taking down entire armies.

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But mid-season, other countries have access to “fake” GN engines that put them roughly on the same playing field. Eventually, Celestial Being and the Innovades even produce Innovators, special humans with role models. unique brain waves that make them superior pilots to normal humans.

7 JoJo’s bizarre adventure turns from ripple to powers

Jotaro Kujo - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders

by Jojo is enjoying a huge power slip just in its first three seasons. The original screenplay, Ghost blood, just has Dio like a vampire with all the abilities that come with it. Jonathan Joestar becomes a Ripple user, who can counter the abilities of vampires but is also thwarted by those same powers.

By the legendary Stardust Crusaders arc alone, this level of resistance is made irrelevant. Ripple is a thing of the past, everyone now boasts of “Stands” – summons with their own unique special abilities. Dio’s Stand gives him the ability to stop time on his own, which makes him far more powerful than a normal vampire.

6 Yu Yu Hakusho finally made Yusuke himself a monster

Yu Yu Hakusho's Yusuke Urameshi

When street punk Yusuke gains special powers, all he has is his Spirit Pistol – it’s an offensive weapon that he can fire exactly once a day. This forces him to know when and where to use it to avoid being helpless against a stronger opponent. By the time he finishes his training with Genkai, the Spirit Gun can be used up to five times per day, and he has acquired an array of other abilities. At the end of the Black Chapter scenario, his Spirit Gun can wipe out entire mountains. The strength of Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama is so great that they literally leave Kuwabara for the Three Kings tournament.

5 Boruto quickly upgrades kids to face new threats

Boruto Team 7 posing in the anime photo

Naruto ends with Naruto and Sasuke as beings so powerful that they can literally force the rest of the ninja world to accept them due to their strength. Corn Boruto is about the next generation, so it makes sense that they want to scale things down and allow them to grow again.

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But this is not the case. With Naruto and Sasuke the level Boruto must reach and exceed, they must introduce the characters quickly and bring them closer to the same levels. Boruto has mastered the Kage Bunshin and the Rasengan, while Sarada has learned the Sharingan and Mitsuki can use Sage mode at will. They are already where Naruto and the others were at the start of Shippuden and they will soon overtake it.

4 Hunter X Hunter went from Yo-Yos to enemies so powerful they needed nukes to stop them

hunter x hunter squad

Hunter x hunter starts out with characters using weapons like yo-yos and fishing rods, but it quickly gets serious. It’s a series where the rise of power awaits no one, not even the main character. The Yorknew City arc features a group of villains that Gon and Killua cannot escape, while the Chimera Ant arc features more enemies who are equally powerful. The Chimera Ant King Meruem is so powerful that the main characters can’t even fight him. It’s hard to say whether Gon or Killua are capable of fighting any of the strongest characters introduced to the series or manga at this time.

3 Yu-Gi-Oh gradually introduces more powerful and complex cards

yu gi oh joey wheeler vs yugi

Yu Gi OhThe power creep of is more glaring than any other series on this list. The original two arcs started off with a bunch of vanilla monsters and some pretty straightforward rules. The monsters fought each other, and the spells and traps either destroyed the monsters on each other or hampered the opponent’s strategy.

At time Yu Gi Oh ! 5D the very concept of tribute monsters is obsolete. Through Yu Gi Oh ! Arc-V, each duel takes several episodes as each round takes ten minutes or more. Monsters do everything spells and traps do, while spells do everything traps did before, and traps are mostly irrelevant. Power seeps in Yu Gi Oh got so bad that they reset everything with Yu Gi Oh ! SEVEN just to make the game accessible to newcomers and children.

2 Code Geass takes its mech from realistic to absurd

Code Geass starts with relatively rudimentary mechas that use simple weapons like machine guns and move via wheels deployed from their legs. But no series of mechs can ever stay low-tech for long. Eventually, the Guren is introduced – a high speed robot with maneuverability that can easily tear apart multiple enemies at once. The Guren is overtaken by the Lancelot, and so on. In the end, Lelouch (not a great pilot himself) is piloting a robot that flies and has laser cannons. The old mecha models are powerless in comparison.

1 Naruto goes from realistic ninja to alien combat

Naruto uses multi-shadow clone jutsu against Mizuki

Naruto looks like a ninja series with early anime powers. In the first episode, it all revolves around the use of positioning and the use of ninja tools. It’s entirely possible for weaker but smarter opponents to knock down more powerful opponents, and that’s arguably the whole point of the Land of Waves arc. But on time Shippuden starts, this is rarely the case. Naruto and Sasuke face aliens with chakra powers, and their ninja abilities only match after gaining massive power-ups, leaving almost everyone behind.

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