Does menstruation affect the education of college students


At the start of her research, Ms Munro took a survey on Instagram to see what kind of engagement she would get on the topic and was shocked to receive over 240 responses in just 24 hours.

“It showed me that many people wanted to share their experiences with menstruation although it is a generally taboo subject,” Ms. Munro said.

Of the 240 respondents (not exclusively university students):

  • 33% felt anxious about managing their period outside the home
  • 70% said their period had an impact on their attendance at school, university or work
  • 28% told their teacher, speaker or employer that they were absent because of their period
  • 82% would like to have access to menstrual leave at school, university or work.

Ms Munro suggests that research needs to start addressing questions such as how the stigma of rules affects student time in college and how faculty can create an environment where students feel comfortable chatting. the impact of menstruation on their education.

“There is this common discourse in the media and the community that periods prevent students from continuing their education and that there is little they can do about it because it is beyond their control,” he said. Ms. Munro said.

“However, we hear that students can be very resourceful. For example, they may rearrange study schedules or homework preparation according to their menstrual cycle, or they will wear double protection on heavy bleeding days so they don’t miss college or work.

“They are creative in overcoming these challenges, but we need to do more to support them. An essential part of this is actually asking them what their needs are. ”


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