Dierks Bentley, Hardy + Breland Celebrate “Beers on Me” #1


Dierks Bentley landed his 21st No. 1 hit as his collaboration with Hardy and Breland reached the coveted chart position. To celebrate the success of “Beers on Me,” the country artist “picked up a tour” for some of his fellow artists.

In a video posted to Instagram, Bentley takes a sip from a red plastic cup – the unofficial universal sign of beer – and passes it to Hardy, who does the same before passing it to Breland. Thanks to the magic of social media, it continues with Craig Morgan, Riley Green, Chris Janson (who’s probably drinking Mountain Dew instead), Jordan Davis, and Travis Denning, who then throws his mug at Ross Copperman.

“Beers on Me” was the first No. 1 hit for Breland and just the second for Hardy. The trio wrote the drinking song alongside Copperman, Ashley Gorley and Luke Dick at a songwriting retreat in Colorado. Breland also produced the track with Copperman.

In a separate post, Bentley thanked Breland and Hardy for making the song what it is. He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the song and its success. Looks like he has a lot of beer to buy for a lot of people.

Fans still have plenty of opportunities to see the song performed live, as Bentley will be making a summer 2022 leg of the Beers on Me tour. Ashley McBryde and Travis Denning will be on the road as supporting cast. The show hits the road on May 27 and will end on September 11.

Maybe Bentley will load up the truck with beer and hand out cold ones like he did in the music video for “Beers on Me.” He, Hardy and Bentley released the video in October 2021, and to be honest, who wouldn’t want to see this truck come to town?

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