Dick Wolfsie: Snooze dog – Daily Diary


Something curious is happening to me.

I hope there is no need to worry too much. I don’t nap as much as I used to. For most of my life, if I was on the couch watching a TV show, I would fall asleep in five minutes. But a few weeks ago, I was awake for a whole Colts game. This particular game, even the Colts couldn’t tell.

When I was a high school teacher, I fell asleep in class while taking a statewide exam. The children were very polite. “Hope we didn’t bother you yesterday, Mr. Wolfsie,” one of my students said. “We tried to cheat as quietly as possible.”

Nap had never been a problem for me. Until recently, I could take a nap while dining with friends, at red lights, waiting for my wife to put on makeup, while the dog relieved himself, at fast food counters, in queues. . Pretty much anywhere.

By grabbing the occasional 40 winks, I missed a few events that, in retrospect, I probably should have stayed awake. Here are the first three:

1. My 70th birthday party (I wish they had shouted “Surprise!” Louder)

2. Parisian

3. The end of my 2005 interview with Mitch Daniels

Mary Ellen never really understood the value of a nap. I think women are afraid to miss something. Like a sale, or a beautiful sunset, or the plot of a movie. Men don’t care about that stuff. On the rare occasions that Mary Ellen fell asleep during the day, she would wake up with an apology and an explanation for her behavior. ” I do not know what happened. I must be falling with something! I’ve always had a different attitude when I wake up from a short sleep: “Dude, that was a good nap. I’m getting better and better at this level all the time.

My recent inability to nap happened during my last annual checkup, but there was some confusion in the conversation. “How do you sleep? Dr. Coss asked. It was a fairly standard survey from a primary care provider.

“It was tough,” I told him. “Sometimes I’m awake for 8-10 hours straight.”

“TEN O’CLOCK?” He was panting. “We have to do some testing. How long has this been going on? “

“Several months.”

“Do you just roll over in bed?” “

“Well, I’m not in bed. This is the problem. I’m driving the car, watching the news, cooking. Sometimes I am in the garage operating heavy machinery.

– This is disturbing, Dick. So you don’t sleep all night?

“No, I sleep well at night. I can’t sleep all day.

Dr Coss was very helpful once I resolved the misunderstanding. He said I had to accept that men experience changes in their body rhythms as they grow older. “I want you to go home this afternoon and really think about it,” he said. I told her I had to sleep on it. Which meant, of course, that we would have to wait until that night.


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