Democrats’ Endless ‘State of Emergency’ Is Why They’re About to Get Crushed


It’s been said that you should never let a crisis pass, but what do you do when Donald Trump is away (and suspended from Facebook) and the news slows down?

Invent an emergencysure!

When Trump was in office, COVID-19 was a crisis and every unmasked presidential appearance was anything but a potential act of genocide. With Biden, it’s time to turn the page, even as the death toll has risen.

With Trump sidelined, for now, and Biden plummeting in the polls, Democrats and liberal media have returned again and again to fabricated urgency to try to control the narrative. Remember Georgia Election Law (ridiculously called Jim Crow 2.0)? How about viral footage of border agents whipping Haitian asylum seekers? (After the officers’ actions were condemned by Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, it turned out they were just split horse reins.) Or how about a Trump-era one that’s relevant again: Russia pays bounties for dead US troops? (It seems to have no evidence that it happened.)

Meanwhile, real emergencies like the border, Afghanistan, crime and inflation have been downplayed by the Biden administration and the MSM…until ignoring these issues becomes impossible.

“All the mistakes of mainstream media, and CNN in particular, seem to go in one direction. Are we supposed to believe that this is all some kind of random coincidence? » a conservative student asked CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter at a conference at the University of Chicago a few weeks ago.

another student asked journalist Anne Applebaum, “Do you think the media acted inappropriately when they immediately dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation? What can we learn from this and ensure that what we call misinformation is really misinformation and not reality? His response, that Hunter’s laptop was “totally irrelevant,” struck me as dismissive.

After being exposed to years of liberal media bias, the technology has given people on the right the ability to disconnect from mainstream media in favor of watching alternative media (sometimes including an alternate reality). Meanwhile, just like MSM (see NBC’s The apprentice and cable news empty podium shots) helped boost Donald Trump, however they are inadvertently doing the same for his future successor.

last April, 60 minutes’ a botched hit gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis more credibility and publicity on the conservative street than he could have gained on his own. A year later, DeSantis’ steady rise could be the new ’emergency,’ with a warning that he’s even more dangerous than trump. Some leading media and Politics the numbers said the same thing about Ted Cruz.

After years of being told that Trump was a unique threat to American democracy which justified a popular front to oppose him, the goal posts are moving again.

Take for example, New York magazine Jonathan Chait, who has previously suggested that it is ‘Plausible’ Trump has been a Russian asset since 1987. During a recent episode of the Rampart PodcastChait quoted DeSantis’ Obama-era book, Dreams of our founding fathersas proof that DeSantis is not committed to democracy.

“[T]he fact that DeSantis…wrote a book repeatedly asserting that redistribution is the greatest threat to the Constitution…tells you an awful lot about his real principles and disposition to democracy,” Chait said. Rampart podcast host Charlie Sykes.

This deserves an explanation: according to Chait, American conservatives have always believed that the New Deal was unconstitutional and that redistribution is the greatest threat to freedom. And because redistribution can be enacted through the democratic process, Chait assumes that conservatives don’t like democracy.

In fairness, DeSantis’ behavior possesses raised legitimate questions about his temperament and fitness, from threatening local superintendents and school board members by following new CDC Delta Variant guidelines to war with the cruise lines on COVID protocols to retaliate against Disney for opposing its Parental Rights in Education Bill (aka “Don’t Say Gay”).

But the suggestion that opposing the forced redistribution of income calls into question its commitment to democracy would exclude almost all traditional conservatives from the “pro-democracy” coalition. It looks like a bait and switch. It’s going to be hard for me to accept the idea that DeSantis is an illiberal freak, when I don’t even know how. I would live up to Chait’s standards.

While Republicans and their media machine have been booming since 2016, Democrats and the mainstream media had a great opportunity to provide stark contrast. They can be serious, judicious, honest, fair and… normal. They could regain our trust.

Instead, they played the same old games. They were careless. They overdid it. They tried to increase the score. They took low blows. They promoted things for short-term attention (much of which later turned out to be premature or wrong).

The problem is that when everything is urgent, nothing is urgent. I’m afraid the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media haven’t even begun to learn that lesson.


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