Debbie McGee shows flexibility by making splits live on Good Morning Britain


Debbie McGee showed her flexibility by doing the splits live when she appeared on Good Morning Britain.

The 63-year-old TV star was talking about her skills on the morning show when the presenting panel recalled her dancing ability which she demonstrated while competing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.

Show hosts Ed Balls and Susanna Reid, also former Strictly contestants, admitted they couldn’t do the splits, but urged McGee to show off his talent.

McGee noted that she hadn’t warmed up but agreed to do them, recalling how her dance partner Strictly Giovanni Pernice had nicknamed her “flexi-Mcgee”.

Balls admitted he didn’t think she would when he asked, but the TV star said she wanted to cheer people up as there had been a lot of “upsetting things in the news this morning.

McGee was a runner-up in the fifteenth round of the dance competition and won the 2019 Christmas special.

The TV star rose to fame as the assistant to magician Paul Daniels, to whom she was later married for 28 years before dying of a brain tumor aged 77 in March 2016.

She is now making her stage debut in The House On Cold Hill, which is an adaptation of Peter James’ book about a haunted house which will play at The Mill at Sonning Theater from February 3.

Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice have reached the Strictly Come Dancing final (Guy Levy/BBC)

McGee will play a “wacky psychic” who runs a crystal store and becomes involved in a house a young couple have moved into when she earns some extra money as a housekeeper and begins “to feel things. “.

She said she saw the play at the Richmond Theater three years ago and felt ‘really affected’ by it, then six months later she received a call asking her to read for the role.

McGee admitted she was not a “believer” in clairvoyance, saying, “I can’t have lived with a magician for 38 years and believed in things like that. So I really have to act.

However, she said she still speaks occasionally to deceased loved ones, including her father and husband.

“I think when you’ve had someone in your life for so long, and I still feel that for my dad, that he becomes a part of you, that’s how I feel. It feels like they are still there,” she explained.

She added: “Sometimes I’ll suddenly need an answer to something and I’ll be thinking, ‘Paul, what would you have done?’ And then it comes to me.

“But I don’t believe that’s him telling me, I just think they’re so much a part of you that your brain thinks like they would.”


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