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the DC Universe no shortage of great speedsters. Currently there are four simultaneous speedsters that use the name “Sparkle. ”There have been two different Kid Flashes, and there are a bunch of characters that have gone through“ Reverse-Flash ”and / or“ Zoom. ”Feet.

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Of course, it’s not just the people connected to Speed ​​Force who can move at unfathomable speeds. There are many heroes across the DC Universe who have been able to bend the rules of time and space to get from one point to another.

ten Flash (Jay Garrick) is still one of the fastest men in the world

The original Flash, Jay Garrick was gifted with his speed of experiments that purified hard water. The resulting vapors stunned Jay but also granted him superhuman speed like never before. He became the first Flash and a fellow of the Justice Society of America.

He was later replaced by Barry Allen and Wally West, but this new generation of heroes ended up giving Jay a boost in power as well. When Jay Garrick was the only Flash, he had never heard of the Speed ​​Force. However, speedsters like Wally West and Max Mercury familiarized Jay with his power, and he forged a connection that gave him even higher speeds than he had ever experienced before.

9 Lightray crossed the universe in an instant before

Ray of light of the new gods

Lightray is one of the gods of the new genesis and he is the messenger of the new gods. To adapt to his role, Lightray has the ability to fly at unfathomable speeds and has traversed vast gulfs of space almost instantly. It might seem redundant given the Boom Tubes the New Gods use to teleport across the universe, but Lightray has made it clear that it’s useful more than once.

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Lightray, true to its name, has flown beyond the speed of light in the past. He’s the speedster of the New Gods, and that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

8 A green lantern can travel at post-light speed to patrol all of space

the The Green Lantern ring allows its users to travel beyond the speed of light. This is necessary since the Green Lanterns have to patrol entire sectors of space in a short period of time. Additionally, Oa is at the center of the Known Universe, and the Green Lanterns must return to their headquarters frequently.

To further attest to their speed, Lightray has already tried to outsmart Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Therefore, Hal had to push his limits until he was finally able to catch up and overpower Lightray.

seven Godspeed almost passed the flash on his first outing

Godspeed is a fairly new speedster. His name is August Heart and he first appeared in Flash: Rebirth # 1 by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. Heart began his career as Godspeed with a brutal vigilance that led him on a collision course with The Flash and Kid Flash.

Godspeed managed to thwart each of Barry’s attempts to catch him, and it took the combined efforts of Barry Allen and Wallace West to finally stop Godspeed’s reign of terror. August has since tried to reform himself, but this was cut short when he was murdered by Professor Zoom. However, it’s hinted in the comics that this may not be the real end of Godspeed.

6 Superman (Kal-El) has already pushed the Flash to its limits

Superman action comics

Superman can run at incredible speeds, but his true speed potential is revealed when he flies. Superman, like Green Lantern, was able to traverse vast amounts of space in a matter of moments. He ran both Barry Allen and Wally West and pushed them to their speed limits.

Although it has been proven that Superman is not the fastest being on Earth, he is still among the fastest. Stories of possible futures imply that Superman is not even at his peak power level yet, so he could one day become the fastest entity in the universe.

5 The black runner is death, and no one passes death

The black runner is another new god. As the god of death, he visits those whose time has passed. Unlike the Black Flash, the Black Racer is still a physical being; just one that can move through space in moments.

The Black Racer uses skis, which is an interesting quirk, and it may seem odd until readers consider how the New Gods were created by the great Jack Kirby. For example, one of its most famous and beloved characters is a man who rides on a silver surfboard. Either way, very few have made it past the Black Racer. He even managed to catch up with Flash.

4 Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) has proven to be a bane of speedsters

Eobard Thawne was once a man who lived in the 25th century and greatly admired Barry Allen, aka the Flash of the 20th and 21st centuries. However, his fandom turned into an obsession, leading him to time travel to impersonate Barry. His obsession mutated and escalated until he became the Flash’s greatest enemy: Professor Zoom (aka the Reverse-Flash).

Using a power called Negative Speed ​​Force, which gives Thawne the same speed and abilities as The Flash, he was able to follow Barry Allen and torment his existence for years. And it seems likely that he will come back to do it again someday.

3 Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) has been able to torment the Flash for years

Hunter Zolomon is to Wally West what Eobard Thawne is to Barry Allen. Hunter was a great admirer of Wally West until he was crippled from waist to toe by Gorilla Grodd. When Hunter asked Wally to undo this with the Cosmic Treadmill, Wally said he couldn’t risk damaging the Time Flow in this way. Zolomon himself tried the treadmill and the machine malfunctioned, exploding and giving Zolomon the power to manipulate time and, later, his own super speed.

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As Zoom, Hunter Zolomon tormented Wally West in order to make him a better Flash. He believed the trauma made a great superhero and tried to inflict the same on Wally. Zolomon also “took off in time” due to the nature of his powers. In essence, he got so fast that he struggled to get stuck in a particular time and space. He eventually redeemed himself in the Renaissance era in ridding the world of Black Flash.

2 The Flash (Barry Allen) occupies a close second place

Flash Barry Allen

Barry Allen is, or at least was, the fastest man in the world. He is the Flash, a staunch member of the Justice League, and one of the greatest heroes who ever lived. He gained his powers when lightning struck a mixture of chemicals in his forensic lab, forever granting Barry a connection with the Speed ​​Force. He used his speed to travel through time, space, and dimensions to make the Multiverse a better place for the people who live there.

Barry has edged out Superman, Professor Zoom, and all manner of rivals and villains to prove his speed. He evacuated entire cities in seconds and traveled the world for fun. That said, he’s not the fastest character DC Comics has to offer.

1 The Flash (Wally West) is undeniably the fastest ever

Wally West Renaissance Flash Costume

DC Comics made it clear that the fastest Flash was Wally West. Barry knows this and therefore tries to make his former protege the best Flash he can be. Wally gained his powers in a freak accident similar to the one that gave Barry his super speed. As a result, Barry took on Wally as his sidekick, nicknamed him “Wally the Kid Flash”. Over the years, Kid Flash has done a lot of good alongside Barry as a member of the Teen Titans.

After Barry apparently died for Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Wally has become the new Flash and a member of the Justice League. After the Breaking point event (by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert), Wally’s been missing for a while. However, he has since returned to team up with Barry and the Titans again. He had a big bump in the road for Heroes in Crisis by Tom King and Clay Mann, but these events were revealed to be caused by the villainous Savitar. Now, Wally has once again become Prime Earth’s main flash as Barry patrols the multiverse for justice incarnate.

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