Dad discovers that a single electrical appliance cost him hundreds of dollars to operate and cost as much as a hot tub


A single electrical appliance was costing a family hundreds of pounds a year – and accounting for a fifth of their energy bills.

David Miles, 46, made the shocking discovery when he bought a basic smart plug online to assess which items in his home were using the most electricity. As energy bills rise across the UK, many people are turning to the most expensive appliances to run in their homes.

But the dad got a shock when he used the plug from his 25-year-old American fridge-freezer, express reports. “Incredibly, it ate up to a fifth of my entire electricity bill. It’s the same as my friend’s spa,” David said.

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For a year, he used 1,600 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. Each kWh of electricity currently costs 28p, according to regulator Ofgem, meaning David’s fridge costs him £448 a year to operate.

From October, when the energy price cap rises from £1,971 a year to £3,549 a year for an average household, electricity will rise to 52 pence per kWh, an increase of almost 86 %. This will increase the cost of running his fridge freezer to £832 a year.

He has now committed to upgrading this refrigerator to save on long-term bills.

He said: “Buying a new one will save me at least £624 a year, so upgrading my fridge freezer will pay for itself in two or three years, and I’ll also reduce the carbon footprint of my home.”

David is also upgrading his gas boiler which he says will cost £4,000 but will cut his gas bills by 20%. “We could get our money back in four or five years.”

David, whose company The PPC Machine helps mortgage brokers and financial advisors generate high-quality leads from their own websites, says his toughest job is getting the word out to his kids. “I teach them that light switches can go off and on.”

Search for the consumer champion Which one? have shown that American fridge-freezers are the second most expensive household appliance to run, after condenser dryers. Tumble dryers will cost the average household over £262 a year from October, while American-style fridge-freezers will cost an average of £223 a year to run from the autumn.

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