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Voter support for the federal coalition does not appear to have waned despite problems with the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine, lockdowns in two states and a spill of nationals. The coalition’s primary vote remained unchanged at 41%, and satisfaction with Prime Minister Scott Morrison rose by one point, according to the latest Newspoll published in Monday’s edition of the Australian newspaper. The poll period covered the Victorian lockdown, frustrations with the slow vaccine rollout, the start of the Sydney lockdown and the closure of state borders to New South Wales. The opposition gained ground with the Labor Party primary vote raising one point to 37% while satisfaction with Anthony Albanese’s performance rose two points to 40%. But the poll shows that 45 percent of voters are still dissatisfied with the leader’s performance, and 15 percent were not engaged. When it came to deciding who would make the best PM, the result was unchanged for Mr Morrison at 53%. Mr. Albanese gained one point, at 33 percent, with 15 percent undecided. The preferred split of the two parties remains close. Labor took a step forward at 51 percent while the coalition took a step back at 49 percent. The Greens remained stable at 11% while One Nation remained the same at 3%, according to the Australian report. The small shift to Labor appears to come from other minor parties which have gone from nine percent to eight percent. The coalition’s primary vote remained roughly the same as its election result of 41%, but the Labor Party primary vote of 37% is up from its 2019 election result of 33.3%. Associated Australian Press



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