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For those who do not know Chinese Tofu Magician, it is a famous soybean milk specialist from China.

The F&B chain opened its first outlet earlier this year in Paya Lebar Square.

He is known for his Original soy milk tea with white jade balls (S $ 6.20), which is basically soy milk tea, topped with a rich soy foam and a stick of mochi balls sprinkled with soy powder.

It has garnered a lot of attention since opening and has sold out several times.

This is why opening a new point of sale is good news.

Chinese Tofu Magician opens new outlets at VivoCity and Chinatown Point.


Photo by Mandy Comment.

Chinatown tip

Photo from Tofu Magician SG’s Facebook page.

While it’s not clear when exactly the outlets will open, billboards at both locations have indicated they will “open soon.”

This next outlet in VivoCity is located on the second floor of the mall.

Chinese tofu magician has deals ranging from S $ 2.30 to S $ 6.20.

Apart from its signature element, here are other elements on the element that you can look forward to:

Soy milk ice cream cone (S $ 2.70)

Black sesame soy milk tea with jade balls (S $ 6.20)

Cat Miao Miao Watermelon and Chestnut Cream Soy Milk (S $ 5.50)

Photo by Tofu Magician SG.

You can see the full menu here:

Photo by Tofu Magician SG.

Top image of Mandy How and @ 5loaves_2fish on Instagram.

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