Chased Behind the Scenes: How the Show Works.


“We don’t know what products our fugitives will use to escape a situation, we don’t know what they will eat, wear or talk about,” Hovagimian explained. “Our business opportunities are similar to other shows but the strongest opportunities with hunt are the creative ways brands can align content around the show.”

Hovagimian added that they are able to seize opportunities with banking, food delivery, vitamins and fitness brands.

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How is hunt is able to “replicate” real life?

Marty Benson, Chief Content Officer at Endemol Shine Australia, said Media week that those behind the scenes go to incredible lengths to ensure the game is fair and realistic.

“For every fugitive, embedded producer or director, there’s also a forward team and the forward team gets all the CCTV footage as it comes along,” Benson explained. “They also send back all the data and information about the actions of the fugitive, for example, that they just got into a white car, it’s a Toyota, and the rego is such and such.”

Benson added that each team has access to a “data wrangler” who is able to compile every move a fugitive makes.

“When hunters request information such as CCTV footage, it will be with this specific data handler. It’s a really messy process, but within two minutes of withdrawing cash from an ATM tickets, for example, we reproduced the CCTV footage and then sent via WhatsApp, and then hunters can request that information after they get a ping on the person’s card,” Benson said.

Not only that, but to make the game as uniform as possible, the production teams are kept entirely separate.

“It’s like having two productions at once, and you have to be on top of both at the same time,” Benson said. “We actually separated the fugitives production office from the headquarters site. Anyone who worked on the hunter side had no connection to anyone who worked on the fugitive side. They have no idea who those people were, and they had no idea what their emails were, or what information was coming or going.”

Are Hunters really good at what they do?

Well, according to Benson, they are.

“Hunters want to catch fugitives, I believe more than fugitives want to go all the way. Hunters have their reputations on the line,” Benson explained. “They are legitimate and credible investigators, cyber experts, police, military and British intelligence. The one thing that gave me hope that we would last is that nowhere in the world you only see an elite team of detectives pursuing 18 fugitives at once.

“David Craig, the leader, told me that normally you have a team of about 100-150 people, chasing a fugitive. They started catching people pretty quickly, as you’ll see in the first episode.”

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