Carlow locals urged to take on a hill for Jack and Jill in October


Every day can be a tough challenge for the Jack and Jill families and in October the charity is urging people to climb or walk up a local hill in solidarity with the 12 Carlow families currently in their care as part of the eighth annual Up the Hill for Jack and Jill Fundraising Challenge, proudly supported by Abbott.

This is an important year for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation as it celebrates 25 years of funding and providing skilled home-based nursing care and respite support for children with severe to profound neurodevelopmental delay, until the age of six.

This includes children who may have a brain injury, cerebral palsy, genetic diagnosis, or other undiagnosed condition. Another key component of the service is home-based end-of-life care for all children up to age six who need it, regardless of diagnosis.

The national charity reached its own peak in 2022 supporting 412 children, the highest number in its 25-year history. Indeed, Jack and Jill have provided support to 50 Carlow families since its inception.

To uphold its commitment to care, the charity is asking the people of Carlow to support local families in their community by going to the hill for Jack and Jill.

With Jack and Jill, there are no means tests, no waiting lists and no unnecessary paperwork. The Basic Nursing Team develops a nursing home plan tailored to the needs of the child and family, with funding from the charity and providing up to 80 hours of support each month.

Jack and Jill’s funding model relies heavily on public donations to mobilize more than 500 nurses and caregivers at the community level, and in 2021 they provided nearly 110,000 hours of home nursing care and respite support.

Everybody needs a break

Jack and Jill Liaison Nurse Manager for Carlow, Joanne Doyle, says every parent needs a break:

“It’s a privilege to be a part of the lives of the Jack and Jill families. These are ordinary parents facing the extraordinary care needs of a child with a complex medical condition; a child who may not be able to walk or talk, who may be tube fed or oxygen dependent, requiring 24 hour intensive care at home.

“But everyone needs a break, and that’s where we, literally, come into the house, to relieve them and we’re very proud to walk this healing journey with them.”

A hill anyone can conquer

For Carmel Doyle, CEO of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, charity really begins at home with Jack and Jill:

“Each year, it is a big challenge to raise the funds we need to provide our service. But, like the families we support, we just keep going, with a gentle push from people donating knowing their support means so much to local children.

“With Jack and Jill, charity really starts at home and our Up the Hill challenge is about the community. Every €18 raised funds an hour of in-home nursing care, allowing Jack and Jill’s parents to grab 40 winks, walk with their other children or grab a coffee, knowing their precious child is well cared for at home. , where they belong.

“That sense of community really matters, now more than ever.”

Sean Langan, site manager of Abbott, explained why the global healthcare company is proud to support Jack and Jill:

“At Abbott, we are passionate about helping people in Ireland and around the world realize their full potential. This idea is at the heart of our business and drives our commitment to supporting the communities in which we work.

“The Jack and Jill team embodies this same principle and has inspired us with their compassionate care for children and families across the country. We’re delighted to support this year’s Up the Hill campaign and hope it helps more people live a better life.

3 simple steps to climb the hill for Jack and Jill

Step 1 – Register today for only €18 per person on, which will support one hour of in-home skilled nursing care for a local Jack and Jill family. Your pack will include a colorful and eco-friendly Up the Hill banner

Step 2 – Choose your hill. There’s a local hill around the corner to suit your fitness level and ability, and whether you’re going high or low, it’s participation that keeps Jack and Jill moving!

Step 3 – Grab some friends, family, neighbors or co-workers, choose a date that suits you and make it a day to remember. Bring a picnic to celebrate your summit and don’t forget to take a photo with your Up the Hill banner and tag Jack and Jill on social media with #UptheHill22 so everyone can see you!

For more information on Up the Hill for Jack and Jill 2022, visit or telephone Jack and Jill on 045 894538.


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