Canterbury Blaster Master Lea Tahuhu Leads The Magicians To Victory Against Central Hinds

Lea Tahuhu of the Magicians was in devastating form in New Plymouth.

John Cowpland / photosport

Lea Tahuhu of the Magicians was in devastating form in New Plymouth.

Canterbury Magicians Lea Tahuhu blew her team up to a five-wicket Super Smash victory over the Central Hinds in New Plymouth on Friday.

The middle-ranked hitter scored 29 points on 10 balls when the point rate seemed to drift away from the Magicians as they chased the Hinds’ 112 score.

In the end, the Magicians got there with nine balls in reserve, finishing 114-5, and those at Pukekura Park were deprived of a thrilling finish as Tahuhu destroyed the Hinds’ bowling attack.

Magicians captain Frankie Mackay won the toss and chose to put the Hinds for a bat first and it turned out to be a superb decision, as from the first ball of the game she caught Natalie herself. Dodd in cover, on a delivery from Amy Satterthwaite.

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Equally impressive was Melissa Banks with her first delivery, bypassing the wicket where she knocked down Kate Gaging, putting the Hinds at 12-2 after 4.1 overs.

Three balls later, Georgia Atkinson took a ridiculous sweeping shot of a good length, a straight ball and it was thrown as well. The Hinds were in a lot of trouble now.

Central Hinds Mikaela Greig guides a ball through the covers.

John Cowpland / Photosport

Central Hinds Mikaela Greig guides a ball through the covers.

After those first three losses, they desperately needed to stabilize their sleeve or risk a horrible blowout.

Jess Watkin tried to do this by blowing up the Magicians’ bowling alley, but after hitting a limit she was gone on the next ball, beating one behind. Caught Laura Hughes, beat Tahuhu, with the score then 34-4.

After 11 overs, the Hinds were 51-5, with a run rate of just 4.64, but the loss of wickets meant preservation was vital.

Mikaela Greig (29) and Hannah Rowe (39 not retired) stabilized the Hinds’ round and the final score of 112-7 after 20 overs was at least competitive.

With a modest score to chase, the Magicians lost an early wicket, Natalie Cox falling on a superb catch in the middle of Rowe’s deep wicket of Watkin’s bowling alley.

Mackay also went early, lbw to Rosemary Mair for five points.

Satterthwaite and Jacinta Savage settled in, but the score turned pedestrian and after nine overs the Magicians were 31-2.

In the first ball of the 10th against Satterthwaite fell victim to Monique Rees, caught by Melissa Hansen, so that was the game because at the end of that the required stroke rate was 7.40.

The Hinds outfielder lost a few single catches as the Magicians went to 77-4 after 16 overs.

It was then that Tahuhu took control, scoring 22 points passing Hansen and from that point the Magicians were able to move towards victory.

The result gives the Magicians their third victory in six games this season, while Hinds and won the victory in seven games.


At Pukekura Park, New Plymouth: Central Hinds 112-7 (Mikaela Greig 29 of 36, Hannah Rowe 39 of 38 *; Melissa Banks 2-25 of 3) lost to Magicians of Canterbury 114-5 (Lea Tahuhu 29 of 10, Jacinta Savage 28 of 34; Jess Watkin 1-21 of 4) by five counters.

Batting MVP: Léa Tahuhu (Magicians)

Bowling MVP: Melissa Banks (Wizards)

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