Can’t believe Bungie gave us back the most broken mod in Destiny history


I thought our days of Suppressing Glaive mod abuse were over, but I’ve never been happier to be wrong. In last week’s TWAB, Bungie mentioned that the mod would be disabled during this weekend’s raid race, but then disabled it completely earlier Friday afternoon. I took the Suppressing Glaive early removal as a sign that we were losing the ability to suppress enemies with melee hits, which would have been a huge nerf to the Hunter kit. I knew how badly the Suppressing Glaive build had failed, and I took the opportunity to clear the Master’s Lost Sectors and run like an invisible ninja. When contest mode ended on Monday, Suppressing Glaive returned, and as far as I can tell, nothing has changed. I thought I had to say goodbye to the most ridiculously broken build Destiny 2 has ever given us, but now I’m thrilled (and confused) to say permanent invisibility is back on the menu.


Here’s how Glaive Suppression works: Every hit with the Glaive – whether projectile or melee – causes the enemy to be suppressed. The effect removes Lightborne Hive from their Supers and blinds all other enemies, preventing them from using their abilities and causing them to stand still while you defeat them with your pointed staff. That would be a strong modifier on its own, but when combined with the Hunter Void 3.0 kit, it essentially turns you into an invincible god.

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With the Sleek Executioner Aspect, killing a suppressed enemy makes you invisible and gives your next melee attack a debuff effect, causing enemies to take more damage. Hunter’s gameplay flow goes something like this: hit a guy, go invisible, hit another guy, go invisible again, keep hitting guys, and keep going invisible. Cast Echo of Domineering for free refills and extra ability energy, Font of Might for bonus Void weapon damage, Well of Tenacity for damage resistance, and Echo of Exchange for melee grenade energy , and you become an unstoppable and permanently invisible killer. machine.

Destiny 2 Season of the Risen Artifact Deleting Glaive

Deep down I knew something had to be wrong here. I tried to convince myself that Suppressing Glaive was meant to be this strong because Bungie wanted us to fall in love with the new glaive archetype. I figured that as long as it didn’t ruin PVP, it wouldn’t be removed. It wasn’t until I started leading Master Lost Sectors that I realized no man should have all this power. I tore through one of the hardest single-player content pieces in the game without taking a single hit. I was the invisible man, a ghost on the battlefield, a ghost of the night. It was unbelievable, but clearly something had to be done about it.

There was no way Bungie would let us be this invincible. Imagine playing any other game and being invisible 100% of the time. Would Elden Ring be fun if enemies could never see you? Would you like to stun all machines in Horizon Forbidden West while all nearby enemies stand there stunned? It’s a big novelty at first, but it trivializes combat – you know, that thing we all agree on is only good when it’s tough.

And yet, Suppressing Glaive is back and doing exactly what it’s always done. It’s possible that Bungie fixed a bug while the mod was offline, but we’ll have to wait for the next patch notes to find out. I noticed last week that invisibility wasn’t always dropping when you start swinging the glaive again, so maybe Bungie needed to make sure it was working consistently before releasing it. It would be nice to have clearer communication and timelines around these issues, but bugs are bugs, and Bungie is right to disable the mod until they can be fixed.

invisible sword

Hunters aren’t the only ones to suffer the loss of a newly mastered build. One of Titan’s holy grails has always been the ability to combine One-Two Punch and Peregrine Grieves for high damage melee attacks. With the new Enhanced One-Two Punch traits on the crafting table, Titans could finally pull off this coveted technique. Wormgod Carress gauntlets have been banned from the raid. Now that the contest mode is over, Titans Are Already Doing Quick Work On The Caretaker With One-Two Punch.

I recently wrote about how fun it is to crack Destiny because it makes us feel like creative collaborators with the developers. When we find broken things like a glaive that makes you permanently invisible, or a shotgun that turns you into One Punch Man, we just have to accept that they’re going to be fixed. As fun as it is to be a ghost on the battlefield, I can agree that bypassing the combat challenge is probably a bad thing. I’ve heard similar sentiments about Osteo Striga, a new Exotic SMG so powerful some people just refuse to use it. Part of me still thinks Suppressing Glaive is going to get hit by the nerf hammer sooner or later, but I’m going to abuse it while I still can.

As far as new expansion bugs go, The Witch Queen has been relatively tame. I’m surprised to see so many players on Twitter and Reddit raging about disabled weapons and mods when there are really only four or five that have been temporarily removed. Hell, we haven’t even had a Telesto incident in the past six months, which says a lot about Destiny 2’s relative stability right now.

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I ran the main story mission last night about 25 levels below, and was able to do it thanks to Suppressing Glaive. GM Nightfalls will be the ultimate test of mod viability when they open next month. At this point, I expect the glaive to drop due to low damage or interrupt the activity so hard that Bungie will have no choice but to disable it again. It may still be too early to tell how broken Suppressing Glaive really is, but the only thing I can say is that it’s the best class fantasy I’ve ever experienced in Destiny 2. It’s just an artifact mod, so at most we only have three months of unseen shenanigans ahead of us. They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, but I know how outrageous this mod is, and I love every second of it.

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