Bremfield’s Bakery and Café in Port Colborne closes

The Bremfield Bakery and Cafe will close on September 5.  From left to right: Tracey Jennings, Hunter Jennings and Jesseca Jennings.

In the end, it came down to two things: the building was not fit for purpose and the costs kept rising.

Bremfield’s Bakery and Café will close on September 5

Jesseca Jennings, business owner, who works at the cafee along with his brother, Hunter, and mother, Tracey, said they made the decision due to rising costs and building issues.

“Basically it started with the expenses,” Jesseca said. “Public services are constantly increasing. Insurance continues to increase.

“For us, running the building costs more than what we’re earning at this point,” she said.

“The building is just too expensive.”

Tracey Jennings said the age of the building didn’t help them.

It dates from 1874, they say, and add that “nothing has been updated”.

For example, if they want to plug in a second cappuccino maker, the circuit breaker trips. This means that if several customers want a cappuccino, they must be served one at a time.

Another problem is the heat. The kitchen gets so hot that some baked goods can no longer be prepared.

“You can’t roll out pie dough. It’s too hot. You can’t make chocolate products there,” she said.

This limited the growth and development of the business.

They also lack a “real kitchen”. They rely on the use of residential ovens and refrigerators.

Jesseca said that because of the ovens they have, it takes a whole day to bake cheesecakes.

“It’s a whole day where I don’t concentrate on anything else. If I lose that day, we won’t have cheesecake.

Tracey and Jesseca say a number of people have messaged them trying to find them new locations in other cities, but they say they want to stay in Port Colborne.

“We were born and raised here,” Tracey said. “We would like to stay if we can make it work and find the right location.”

Jesseca noted how difficult the decision was.

“We have the business; We have the customers. They support us. The problem is the building is holding me back,” she said.

They wanted to thank all their supporters and customers.

Jesseca also thanked her family members, adding “if it was just me it probably wouldn’t be okay yet because it takes all of us just to run the business.”


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