Blood on Ferdy Sambo’s hands as facts emerge from police investigation into murder


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta Police second-Bhayangkara Richard Eliezer Pudihang Lumiu (Bharada E), in Tempo Magazine’s latest report on the murder case involving General Ferdy Samborecalled the order he received from Sambo to pull the trigger against the late Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat (Brigadier J), who was Sambo’s own aide.

“He also revealed that FS also fired,” Indonesian National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo told Tempo reporter Linda Trianita on Saturday.

This information was obtained from Bharada E during the transmission of the story in writing on August 5, which took 6 hours.

According to Richard’s confession, Inspector General Sambo ended the execution by shooting Brigadier J twice in the back of the head. More details are contained in the latest edition of Tempo Magazine.

Meanwhile, Sambo’s order to Bharada E to shoot Joshua was delivered to his personal home in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta. From this series of events, Police Chief Listyo believes Joshua’s murder was planned.

“The premeditated murder trail is clear,” he said.

Previously announced, the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) announced that Ferdy Sambo had confessed to being the mastermind of the murder of his own assistant.

“He acknowledged that he was the main actor in this incident,” said Komnas HAM president Ahmad Taufan Damanik on Friday August 12.

Ferdy Sambo, he said, admitted that from the start he had manipulated and twisted information so that the murder of Brigadier J was a shooting case. “He admitted it was his own design and he was guilty of it,” he said.

In the case of Brigadier J’s murder, a special police team has named four suspects, namely Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, Bharada Richard Eliezer (Bharada E), Chief Brigadier (Bripka) Ricky Rizal and Kuwat Ma’ ruf.

The four suspects are charged with premeditated murder, in violation of Article 340 of the Criminal Code (KUHP), Subsidiary Article 338 combined with Article 55 and Article 56 of the Criminal Code, they currently face the penalty death or life imprisonment or a maximum of 20 years.


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