Billionaire Tuckshop: Plutocrats don’t just steal the show. They steal our trust


The Greens have written to the new Senate Speaker, Slade Brockman, to prevent the Australian Parliament from being used to extract money from billionaires and corporations. Michael West reports on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s fundraising gala in the Great Hall.

You don’t have to don a leopard skin and be bathed in pearls to get to the top table with Scott Morrison’s government, but donating to the Liberal Party won’t hurt you.

Prime Minister and his coalition cabinet love to talk about ‘Australian people’, ‘quiet Australians’, but these are the people they are talking about To that really matters.

Rupert Murdoch’s magnates the australian hosted this smarmfest following the budget night this year:

“It was Josh Frydenberg’s night, but when billionaire Packer family matriarch Ros Packer comes to town, she can’t help but steal the show.

Wrapped in leopard skin fabric from neck to toe and dripping with pearls, famed philanthropist and widow of late media mogul Kerry Packer turned heads as she walked into the Great Hall to join the rich and powerful. from Australia, and digest Frydenberg’s third financial report. plan for the nation.

He went on, wrapped up in Murdoch’s usual media adoration for billionaires. Did anyone stop to say, hang on, what are they doing degrading the seat of Australian government by organizing Liberal Party fundraisers? As MWM found out, ordinary Australians can’t even get through security downstairs with material that could be interpreted as political, but the Liberals are using the place as a billionaire store.

Someone protested. Greens Senator Larissa Waters spoke to the Estimates shortly after. As it turned out, the NSW division of the Liberal Party had rented the Great Hall for $ 67,700. In a letter to Senate Speaker Slade Brockman, Waters questioned whether the use of Parliament for political fundraising violates House rules: “It is unacceptable, outrageous, offensive and presents a risk of conflicts of interest that could undermine decision making in this place.

Friendly markets not free markets

There is little the Coalition will not do to grease its political donors, or even do them their favors. Some excerpts from Josh, Ros and the fan club’s gala:

  • At least five wealthy advertisers attending the event have collective wealth of $ 16.3 billion,
  • They disclosed donations of at least $ 1.4 million to Liberal and National parties,
  • Two of the rich lists were people Frydenberg called to discuss the design of JobKeeper. One of them is in court in a case of underpayment of 14,000 employees looking for $ 129 million in stolen wages,
  • One of them asked Frydenberg to be the best man at his wedding,
  • Another was the former CEO of Fortescue Metals, Nev Power. Christian Porter revealed in his interest register that he has flown several times aboard WA’s private jet in Canberra. Power has been appointed Covid Recovery Commissioner.

A letter from Empire Energy, which smashes the new Beetaloo Basin Coal Seam Gas Province obtained by MWM, says there were 500 people at the event.

The mood was undoubtedly jubilant, despite the fact that Frydenberg recorded the biggest budget deficit in history and recorded a monstrous increase in the national debt. After all, the wealth of Australian billionaires and many companies has skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Check the numbers:

Ros Packer donated at least $ 1.3 million to the Liberal Party.

Ryan Stokes, chief executive of Seven West Media and son of television and resource mogul Kerry Stokes, had Josh Frydenberg as his best man at his wedding. Ryan donated at least $ 88,400 to the Liberal and National parties.

Justin Hemmes is the restaurant mogul who is now in a legal battle over underpaid staff. Will Vicars is a party donor to the fossil fuel industry.

James Symond is the nephew of Aussie Home Loans founder John Symond, who started Aussie Home Loans. Said at the budget night private event, “I always have to go out to support a good friend. “

Not billionaires but also present
Power Nev Strike energy (gas)
Barni evans CEO Sportsbet
Philippe bacon Art dealer
Richard murray CEO of JB HiFi

Nat Zero Integrity

Meanwhile, #winkgate broke out on Twitter this week. The scene, again: Senate Estimates. Responding to a question from Waters about Christian Porter’s anonymous legal funding, senior official Stephanie Foster glanced right and appeared to wink at Finance Minister Simon Birmingham.

Foster, the Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, explained that the wink was directed at a colleague who had just arrived, but it is fair that her action was not seen as a mere flick of the eyes , rather as a symbol of the plunging independence of the public. service.

Either way, we live in a culture of winks and nods. Political donations are not really donations. The gifts are given without any return to mind. These are bribes: grants that shield politicians from any reform that might benefit weightlifters, from ordinary Australians who just subsidized the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in this history. country, JobKeeper.

Some $ 40 billion of the $ 90 billion went to businesses that didn’t deserve it or needed it to survive. A simple fraction was reimbursed.

And the piece de resistance is almost upon us. In return for their deal on net zero emissions by 2050, the Nationals have earned a place in cabinet and earned the right to continue to brag about no change from Australia’s 2030 target. .

Why no Liberal leadership on this? They could have just told Barnaby, Matt, Bridget et al. Even the Business Council of Australia finally capitulated to economic common sense, took a 180 and agreed that a clean energy transition would be good for the economy. It’s not like the Nats are suddenly ditching the Libs and allying with Labor or the Greens.

Why no Nats leadership on this? They claim that rural Australia is not going. This is because they have pushed the fallacy of resource jobs. Plus, Sky News fanatics are in regional Australia with a free license to germinate their nonsense. If it was right to talk about leadership and not to follow the policy of carbon clubs / donors, they would obviously think that there will be more jobs and more economic growth, more funding for energies. renewable, that the enormous losses which will result from the abandonment of science and the inevitable surge of financial markets. Not to mention a cleaner climate.

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