Beginner tips and tricks for Deathverse: Let It Die


In the Deathverse only one thing counts, it is to survive. If you’re new to the Let It Die series, people have been waiting for a sequel for a long time. Don’t worry, though, this Survival Battle Royale will keep you on the edge of your seat for your entire session.

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With a variety of weapons and attacks to choose from, you’ll be jumping into the Deathverse trying to get a taste of stardom. Before you go, you’ll need a few (let’s say ten) of these tips to help you achieve that fame.


10/10 Train with Hangman

Once you enter the game, the best idea would be to start training as much as possible with the hangman, he will be your tutoring boss.

This way you will have a good idea of ​​what weapon and character you are using. Keep in mind that each weapon has a different set of combos, and an amazing benefit of training with Hangman is the Combo Check session. Each time you reach your max combo set, Hangman will support his shield. It’s a great way to know how long you have before an opponent attacks you.

9/10 Find the triangle attack sub-skill

If you pay attention to the bottom right corner, you’ll see a group of four different power moves, with the last one being empty.

Don’t think you’ll unlock it later, because you just don’t. The final power move is a sub-skill you’ll need to find on the map. They are usually green and triangle-shaped. Remember to always take another one after using the ability.

8/10 Don’t get too excited using the Katana

The Katana is a favorite weapon in many games, and it’s also a favorite of many Deathverse: Let It Die players. With its clean styling, there’s no reason not to love it.

The only downside to the Katana is that in the Deathverse, the samurai’s weapon of choice has a three-hit combo and generally cannot break shields. The only way to break a shield is to use a Steel Katana’s power-up, which you need to recharge with power pods to use.

7/10 Power Pods = main skill

Once the battle has started, the first thing you should have in mind is finding Power Pods, which will save you a lot of hassle later in the game.

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Power Pods will give you the ability to unlock your weapon’s primary skill, and we can’t stress enough that you’ll want this option available when facing an opponent. So go find those Power Pods ASAP, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

6/10 Take advantage of feedback

Dropouts are lifesavers and boss killers. In this universe, you should use these ledges for a variety of reasons, the first being a classic Leonidas-style counterfeit that will send your opponents flying to certain death.

However, if you are at a higher level than your enemy and the drop isn’t too high, you can use it to your advantage and sneak attack them. While the enemy is still frightened, you can deliver the finishing blow.

5/10 Never fight the hunter

If you haven’t played the game yet, there is an opponent you need to watch out for. This opponent is not player controlled, but rather AI controlled and extremely overpowered.

The company behind the Deathverse sends him to make sure none of the fighters get overconfident. The best advice is to run for your life. If you are lucky and see players around you, why not take the hunter with you to eliminate them?

4/10 Choose the right weapon

There is a wide variety of weapons in the Jamboree, and when choosing your first battles, it’s good to try them out so you know what suits you best. The game features five different weapons, each with its own variant.

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Basic weapons are machete (easy to use and deals fire damage), katana (three hit combo that’s both a blessing and a curse), hammer (slow and steady wins the race), gauntlet arms (their base electric skill is just gorgeous), and the Buzzsaw (the fastest of them all, speed but less damage).

3/10 Sensor life

When in doubt and not sure where to hunt, press the Wilson Scan button. You will need it more than you think. It will allow you to see all nearby enemies using infrared and is viewed in first person.

Infrared lets you see through walls and the landscape, so you’ll be sure to know where they are. I just hope they haven’t spotted you too.

2/10 Being bloodthirsty pays off

In a game called Deathverse: Let It Die, you’d expect this entry, but it’s not just about winning the Jamboree. Make sure to be bloodthirsty and aggressive when playing, as this is the only chance you have to heal yourself properly.

You’ll find that by taking down opponents, you can fully recharge your life in a jiffy, and sometimes you’ll even get a nice temporary boost to a random stat. Don’t rely solely on mushrooms for your health, eliminate these enemies.

1/10 The minimap deserves your attention

You’ll realize how pretty quickly most matches end in the Deathverse, and that’s because most of the game is about cornering all the players in one of the rooms and having them fight until their last breath.

But when you search mid-game, pay attention to the minimap and you’ll notice red Xs appear. These are dead players, and it’s a good way to see how many enemies are in said room and how many have fought.

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