Beckham Hotel Collection bed pillows are 15% off at Amazon


According to the Sleep Foundation, about 60% of adults spend most of the night sleeping on their side. In addition to comfort, this position has been found to help certain bodily functions like digestion and reduce symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. But whatever position you catch your 40 night winks in, you’ll want to snag one of Amazon’s most popular gel pillows while they’re on sale.

This Beckham Hotel Collection Twin Pillow Set is currently 15% off if you click the coupon on the page, which means you’ll get the Queen set for $ 34 and the King set for just $ 51. These pillows stand out for their use of alternative down filling, cooling gel fibers, and what the company calls “bounce construction,” which promises the pillows will hold their shape regardless of how long you use them. This feature also helps mold the pillow to your specific sleeping position, whether it’s on your side, back or stomach.

Over 100,000 users have given these pillows a five star rating and they got an average of 4.4 stars in total. One customer said her boyfriend, who is “the toughest man I know,” said he would give these pillows a 10 out of 10. “The pillow maintains its shape and supports your head while being soft and comfortable,” the reviewer wrote. Another customer claims these pillows helped her fall asleep before her 2 week old baby and they were out until 11 a.m. the reviewer wrote.

Get your Beckham Hotel Collection Two Piece Bed Pillow Set now on Amazon and be sure to check out the coupon on the page to save 15%.

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