America’s Got Talent judge booed after Siegfried and Joy audition


Three of the four “America’s Got Talent” judges mocked their lederhosen during the June 28 episode when German magician-comedians Siegfried and Joy took the stage. The only recalcitrant? Why was it Simon Cowell, sure. The UK judge was booed by the studio audience when he called the fake magicians “a bit stupid” and refused to vote them into the next round. But he was outvoted by the trio of Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergarawho all said “yes” and advanced Siegfried and Joy to the Judge Cuts.

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When the hilarious comedy duo first took the stage, they revealed they had come from Berlin just to audition for the NBC reality show. “We do magic all the time, so the magic is in us, and we want to share the magic with everyone,” they said bluntly. They then added: “We are the new superstars of magic. In the end, let the people decide [how good we are].”

The act started out like any 1980s magic act, with Siegfried and Joy dancing around the stage wearing sparkling gold. But things took a turn for the worse when a leaf was pulled from a levitating magician, revealing that he was simply standing up on one of his knees. The same leaf was used to make one of them “disappear” (we clearly saw him jump off stage), but real magic happened when he apparently switched bodies with a stand-up comedian. Jordan Conley, who had auditioned moments earlier. For their final trick, Siegfried and Joy had Simon guess a card between one and five, but we saw when he turned around that the word “Banana” was written on each of them, which matched the another magician wearing a banana costume. However, Simon’s word actually said “Strawberry” and the German had magically transformed into a strawberry costume – no one saw it coming.

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After the act, the audience jumped to their feet, as did three of the judges. But Simon just sat there in complete confusion. Here’s what all the “AGT” judges had to say:

Heidi: “You know, there are times like this when you’re really, really proud to be German. How did you do ? I do not know.”

Howie: “I love it. This is the year, I think, on our show where comedy becomes king.

Sofia: “You are brilliant. It’s so creative. I mean, I want to be your number one day.

Simon: “I’m a bit confused because I didn’t understand. And I found you both boring… I thought the whole thing was a bit stupid, if I’m being honest with you.

Siegfried and Joy will next be seen in the Judge Cuts round. If they end up winning season 17 “AGT”, they will become the fourth magic act to win after Matt Franco (Season 9), Shin Lim (Season 13) and Dustin Tavella (Season 16). Do you think they have what it takes to join this esteemed list? Sound off in the comments section.


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