American Idol Winner Noah Thompson Opens Up About HunterGirl Rumor


Noah Thompson sees the social media chatter about his personal life and mostly ignores it. There is a rumor about american idol the victor’s love life bothers him.

The story goes that Thompson and his longtime girlfriend Angel (with whom he has a baby boy) broke up, and the reason is american idol HunterGirl finalist. That’s not true – in fact, the truth couldn’t be further from this rumor. This story comes with a twist.

“The only thing that bothers me is people talking about, like, Hunter,” Thompson said. Taste of country nights‘ Evan Paul, referring to Hunter Wolkonowski, the 24-year-old woman he competed against until the very end of Season 20 in May. They became very good friends on the show.

“We had our trailers side by side,” the “Stay” singer shares. “It’s not something we chose. We became close, man. We talked about how one person felt that way…she was just kind of there for me and I was there for her. We just became best friends, man.”

The story may sound familiar to long-time viewers of American idol. In 2011, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina had to dodge dating rumors as they got closer and ended up placing first and second on season 10 of American idol. The two teenagers never dated, and eventually the majority came to believe it. That was before social media, however, and in 2022, moments like this light a fuse on rumors.

What you see there are two friends having fun. “I love Hunter to death. But we’re not together, but no way,” he says.

Thompson goes on to talk about his experience on american idol and why he felt out of place. In fact, he even feels a bit guilty for winning, as many of the other finalists had more experience than him.

“They’ve been playing shows their whole lives and doing things, and I haven’t,” the Kentucky native said.

Still, voters picked Thompson to win. He gives as much credit as possible to his followers, including HunterGirl and Angel.

“They’re good friends,” he says of the two. “Angel, once Angel came here, Hunter and Angel talked. They’re good friends. People just need to stop. Nobody did a single thing.”

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