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The 2022 Pioneer Press Scavenger Hunt ended Monday when 22-year-old Skyler Sawyer found the locket at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, after nine clues were released. Here are the 12 clues for hunting, and their explanations:

Index 1

From the delta to the omicron, what a marathon
Go from last year to this
Put on your mask, get to work
Let the fresh treasure be your happiness

We open by laying down the ground rules, and urge hunters to wear a mask. Fresh refers to Silverwood Park’s recent makeover.

Index 2

Get out of bed if you want some hunting credibility
Don’t wait for temperatures to reach 30
With the prize as your driver, be a vigorous athlete
‘Cause success means an easy life

“Cred, 30s (like ‘thirties’), strive” is an anagram for Three Rivers District, which includes Silverwood Park.

Index 3

Far from the path that leads to a bath
The treasure waits so alone
Come out of the dark, go to the park
But avoid the cone obstacles

Silverwood has a forest swimming trail. The puck is hidden in a parking lot.

Index 4

A hot item is the current batch
Home tests for COVID
Ours is beautiful, block of ice
Inside the locket is hidden

This year’s prize is stored in the box of a home COVID test, which we then froze in a piece of ice.

Index 5

When the pimples appeared, we shouted ‘what?!?’
Yet we did not cancel the order
So when we hid the puck, we pushed our luck
And hid it so close to a border.

A nod to this year’s recorded button misprint – the button looks undecided if it’s 2021 or 2022. Similarly, St. Anthony Village is actually in two counties – Hennepin and Ramsey. Silverwood Park is in the smaller part of St. Anthony that is part of Ramsey, which made sure we didn’t cross any borders when we hid the prize.

Index 6

Turn up this nursery rhyme for a trip back in time
Stone circles in the flood
From a lofty elevation you will observe
That we all come out of the mud

Among the sculptures in Silverwood Park are a time machine, stone circles, a memorial to the 1927 Mississippi flood, a raised platform, and a sculpture that focuses on “the state of development precocious that all living creatures take before developing their own biological directions”. .”

Clue 7

Scale the heights, seek out the brilliances
Where nature inspires the arts
Is it eternal life or hellish heat
Does it touch you deep inside?

Silverwood Park, near Columbia Heights and New Brighton, is known as a place where nature inspires the performing arts, fine arts, and folk arts. One of the sculptures in the park is “Eterne”, an archaic form of the word “eternal”, and the visitor center is heated and cooled by geothermal energy.

Index 8

If saving souls is part of your goals
Then this hunt is for you
Bring your legions to these regions
And stay a week or two

Saving souls = salvation; legions = army; stay a week or two = camp. Silverwood Park is the site of a former Salvation Army camp.

Clue 9

Look how brave you are, resisted and delirious
the rhythm of the hunter
take a break for your own good
and tear up the words

The Silverwood Park Sculpture Tour includes a giant “5” at the south end of the Visitor Center parking lot. It’s called “High Five,” and we riff it with an anagram (“bucked” and “raved”) about jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, suggesting readers “take a break” — a nod to the famous Brubeck’s “Take Five”. .” The tempo is a nod to the speed or flow of notes in music, which might lead hunters to one of the park’s overflow parking lots.

Index 10 (unpublished)

Don’t hesitate, follow the thread
You have to observe the beginnings
Every clue has a bit of truth
Count on it to find gains.

For people who found Silverwood but not the lot, we started each line with a letter that spells out “Dyer”, a reference to Dyer’s Hill at the park, which overlooks the hideout.

Clue 11 (unpublished)

The seeker will trace and seek many
Avoid where others go.
Far from the track, how can you fail
Your riches will overflow.

The medallion is hidden in the open air, under a few centimeters of snow, in the middle of one of the park’s overflow parking lots. So don’t get stuck in the woods or search for the usual stumps and patches of grass like many do.

Index 12 (unpublished)

Good noodles? You are in Silverwood.
What you are looking for is so close.
At the edge of the county, this is our commitment –
The price is clear.

If it’s dark, turn on your light
And head the car through the woods
At the top of a climb, you’ll assume
Benches overhang the goods.

Below, an expanse of snow
Crossed by small trees.
It’s out of those, 15 paces or so
The treasure is at your knees.

This is the last clue, so this one puts you almost at the top of the price. Again, we note that the puck is in the open, or “in the clear”, and give directions for heading from the main parking lot to the adjacent wooded hill. If you follow the well-worn footpath through the snow, you’ll end up at Dyer’s Hill, which is marked by several benches. Below is an open patch of snow – an overflow parking lot, closed in winter – which is bisected by a row of trees. 15 paces north of one of the middle trees, the medallion is under the snow.

Where has the medallion been discovered in recent years?


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