Adam Warner and the Titans cheerleaders go wild in ‘One Drunk’ video


Adam Warner has loved “One Drunk” since the moment he first heard it.

“I fell in love with that little guitar bang at the very beginning,” the country music singer-songwriter told Taste of Country of the song, which was written by John Caldwell, Mark Addison Chandler and Davis Corley.

“It felt so 90s country to me. I love that kind of stuff. But it also had this super current and very fresh feel to it at the same time,” he adds.

The killer-voiced US Marine veteran started playing “One Drunk” at his gigs and was thrilled to find his fans loved it, too.

“Every time this song has come out, it’s always had such a great response,” he says of the southern rock song with the honky-tonk vibe. “It has always made people dance. If we played it in a bar, it always had people jumping out of their seats and onto the dance floor.”

That’s the sentiment the Illinois native was looking to capture as he and his team began brainstorming ideas for the music video. You’ll find the final version premiering exclusively on Taste of Country this week – but don’t expect to see Warner dancing into it.

“I have two left feet,” he admits with a laugh. “I know exactly where I belong, and it’s not on the dance floor. I told my manager that we really needed to find someone who could dance in the video, because it’s not not in my wheelhouse.”

Fortunately, Warner and his team found plenty of people who wanted to participate in the music video, including some former Tennessee Titans cheerleaders like Kentucky native Brooke Bailey Abner (former Titans cheerleader).

“Brooke (Bailey Abner) was pretty much the head choreographer,” Warner explains. “She just created the dance herself. I left all the dancing up to her and her team. They knocked it out of the park. They definitely did some dance moves that I would never be able to do. in my lifetime!”

The “One Drunk” video was shot at the Spillway Bar & Grill in Bowling Green, Ky. hours before filming.

“A lot of fans showed up, but at first they were a little hesitant to be in the video…they just wanted to watch the show,” he says. “But then, you know, a few beers later, they loosened up a bit and everyone was in it. We had a lot of fun.”

The one person Warner failed to convince to be in the video? His wife, Megane.

“I think there’s like a half-second clip of her and her sister somewhere in there,” he laughs. “They made a quick little appearance.”

Adam Warner’s new album What we are known for arrives on December 16.

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