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No two characters on Brooklyn nine-nine are the same and each individual has contrasting characteristics that make them more intriguing. Jake is the idiot who never misses an opportunity to have fun at work, but he’s also the best detective around the precinct. Scully, on the other hand, cares more about the contents of the desktop vending machine than any real life case, but he can be quite insightful when he needs it.

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Their choices and actions in the show set them apart as much as the things they say. Most of the characters have unique taglines, like Jake’s “cool, cool, cool” and “why?” Terry exaggerated. But other than that, there are a few quotes in the series that perfectly encompass the personalities of the characters who speak to them.

Holt: “Why? I’m a human. I’m a human male.”

Holt in "Defense rest" from Brooklyn Nine Nine

To follow another captain who was running for commissioner, Holt joined Twitter in the episode “Gray Star Mutual”. Due to his lack of knowledge of social media etiquette, his account was deactivated shortly after his first tweet and Gina told him it was because Twitter thought he was a bot because of his strange username and his formal tweets. Offended, Holt protested with this hilarious and awkward quote.

The bot thing was a neat reference to a common gag on the show about how Holt spoke and acted like a robot, from his choice of word to his formal signature on the texts. His phrase about being a human man only reinforced that because it sounded more like something a robot would say.

Gina: “Hello, Gina Linetti, the human form of the 100 emoji.”

When Wuncth transferred Holt to the PR office, Gina accompanied him. She introduced herself as the human form of the 100 emoji to the rest of the team as they chose a name for the pigeon mascot. Gina was one of the funniest characters in Brooklyn nine-nine, as well as sarcastic, funny, confusing and enigmatic and although she mostly liked to pick on her friends, she could support them at times.

Following Holt turned out to be a blessing for him because she provided positivity and encouragement when he was feeling down over Wuncth. In general, Gina was always 100% positive and rarely let anything bring her down, even when she was hit by a bus. So her description of herself as 100 emoji was pretty accurate.

Amy: “I’m too competitive, prone to jealousy, a little KillJoy …”

Full quote: “… follow the rules to fault, I don’t know how to relax, and every now and then I smoke a cigarette.”

Amy struggled to think of the right thing to say to Holt and Terry during her self-assessment in “The Apartment”, and after fumbling around a bit, she listed her biggest flaws. At the time, she was worried about the wrong assessment and only realized at the end of the episode that her biggest flaw was actually caring too much about what Holt thought of her.

Amy’s list of her worst traits, however, was a perfect description of her character. She always wanted to be the best, whether playing games or solving a case, and her obsession with winning Holt’s favor and following the rules led her to be seen as the animal. companionship of a teacher. While it is true that she was rather stuck at first, she learned to relax, thanks to her relationship with the always playful Jake.

Rosa: “I’ve had Arlo for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.”

Rosa frowns and holds her puppy, Arlo, in her arms in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When Charles lost his dog, Jason, in Season 5’s “Nutriboom”, Rosa bought him a replacement so he could overcome his grief and get back to work. But Charles refused so she had to deal with it. She got attached to the dog and named Arlo, then organized a memorial for Jason where she gave this speech.

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The quote might have been about her new four-legged friend, but it was a good reflection of Rosa’s personality. Her love for Arlo has shown that she can be a loving and caring person, although she often comes across as a tough person, not showing emotions and not shy about using her collection of knives if she needs to. .

Jake: “Great, I would love your $ 8 bottle of wine, please.” “

Jake said take my pic with that in Brooklyn Nine Nine

In the Season 1 episode, “The Party,” Jake stopped by a bottle store to purchase a bottle of wine to bring to Holt’s birthday party. When he heard how expensive good wine was, he asked for something much cheaper instead. The funny line is about Jake’s humor, as well as his terrible financial state which was a major aspect of his personality for most of the series.

Of all the characters, Jake had the funniest quotes on Brooklyn nine-nine and the funniest slogans. His personality was a mixture of so many different traits that it is almost impossible to define him with just one quote. This one, however, perfectly combines many of those qualities: from his humor to his thrifty way of showing his friends that he cared for him.

Terry: “Nine-nine!

Based on his obsession with yogurt, the quote “Terry loves yogurt” may be the first thing that comes to mind when fans think about the character. However, there is so much more to him than his love of candy, and one quote that comes close to his personality is his favorite song, “Nine, Nine”.

He was the first to use it in the series and it was the character’s last line on Brooklyn nine-nine. Every time Terry and the others use it, it is to showcase the rest of the team, for example in “New Captain”, and it has become their family identity. It fits well with a large part of Terry’s identity as a family man, both with his wife and kids, as well as with his work team.

Charles: “And I’m your sidekick, the boy hunter.”

Although Brooklyn nine-nine done every character, Charles’s personality often got lost in Jake’s shadow because he always followed him and did what Jake wanted. This quote, in response to Jake calling himself a man hunter, is a prime example of their dynamic where Charles treated Jake like his boss.

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This aspect of Charles’ character, along with his love for food, lasted throughout the series, although towards the end he began to act a bit independently. For example, even though his best friend left the NYPD, Charles remained in the force. His relationship with Genevive and their son Nikolaj also contributed to his growth into a father and less of a man-yes to Jake.

Scully: “They call me Leonardo da Vinci sitting on my ass.”

In preparation for Rosa’s wedding to Pimento in “Monster in the Closet,” Amy asked Hitchcock and Scully to organize the seats, and Scully happily responded with this quote, highlighting her expertise in sitting all day.

Throughout the show, Scully loved nothing more than sitting at his desk and eating, which is why this quote from him bragging about being a master at it fits his life so well. personality. While he spent most of his time in his chair with Hitchcock, there were times the two literally stood up for what was right – although those moments were rare.

Hitchcock: “We are a package, everyone knows that. “

During one of the most eventful days at the precinct in the episode “Ava,” Scully saved the day by letting Amy know where the additional fax machines were. Hitchcock included himself in his praise of Scully and when Amy pointed out that he hadn’t actually helped in any way, he told her it was a forfeit.

His rationale was completely ridiculous in this case, but the quote rings true for his character. Wherever Scully was, Hitchcock was sure to hide, too. The two were inseparable and even after Hitchcock retired he was still present with Scully on their video calls. The two were rather strange and Hitchcock had a tendency to make inappropriate comments but they had a beautiful friendship.

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