A hypnosis prognosis of magical solutions from the innovative hypno-magician, IMAD



World-renowned hypno-magician IMAD is making unprecedented inroads into modern life, solving everyday situations with a mixture of hypnosis and magic.

Merging the mystery of magic and the wonder of hypnosis, Imad has amazed his audience through his social networks. The fun and appeal of his craft has captured the attention of many star-studded viewers, including Ludacris, Charlie Sheen, and 50 Cent, and garnered over 500 million views on social media. His Daily Mail article elevated him to a level where he had the opportunity to travel to LA and change people’s lives with his innovative skills.

Imagine that your fears dissipate and clarity emerges. Imagine losing weight, feeling confident, eliminating doubt, overcoming painful experiences, and embodying happiness. Imad can do it. In less than 30 minutes, it can hypnotize and immerse an individual in a state of heightened awareness, concentration and suggestibility. “Hypnosis is not a spell! In hypnosis, a person’s conscious and subconscious minds are focused and receptive to suggestions. said Imad. “Hypno Magic is for me the combination of magic, hypnosis and energy.” His skills go beyond these examples, as each session and experience is tailored to each individual.

As its popularity grew, the world demanded a demonstration of Imad’s hypnotic and magical solutions on a nationwide tour of America. Freeing the mind but keeping his secrets to himself, Imad is truly a magician who leads the way in his industry! Imad is constantly innovating and leaving his audience speechless as he continues to evolve his work. Follow Imad on Instagram and Facebook where you can delve into the mystique of its entertaining display! It will make you wonder if what you are experiencing is real or just an illusion.


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