7 weirdest video game crossovers


A long-forgotten trend that hasn’t been seen for nearly a decade, the combination of two popular game series has made for the most remarkable experiences. Whether it’s success or failure, you can always expect something interesting from the title, watching your favorite personalities compete against each other or work together as a team.

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It’s a rare event where the games can come together and do something special – usually it turns into a circus that fans remember for some strange reason. Some games were never meant to cross because the energy just doesn’t match, causing the crossover to flip no matter how good the mechanics are. Successful examples only show up once in a blue moon, standing out from the crowd and leaving their mark.

Soul Calibur IV

Darth Vader's sword battle

Unlike its title, Soul Calibur IV is the sixth installment in the series, getting them to experiment in their lineup of characters. Surprisingly, the developers came to a deal with LucasArts that saw two of the franchise’s most popular characters fight alongside the original cast. For Playstation 3, you could only get Darth Vader while the Xbox 360 saw Yoda get on board – the character of Galen Marek later became available for both consoles as well.

While this was a new idea that saw lightsabers put to good use, porting players who belong to a galaxy far, far away seems to rock the mood. Each stage is in stone ruins or a Gothic castle, making the intergalactic intruders seem out of place with their shining armor and laser swords. The gameplay even reflects that with their disproportionate power levels, which makes the rest of the Soul Calibur cast weak in comparison, something you never want in a fighting game.

Lego rock band

Sing the blues

LEGO has dipped its cubic toes into just about every franchise ready to take on the market, which makes it less surprising than other titles. Fans of the LEGO series probably won’t see anything strange about the crossover, but Rock Band fans were hardly overflowing with excitement. When it comes to rock and roll, LEGO is the last thing on your mind.

While the game definitely opened up to a younger audience, that also meant toning down the difficulty level and throwing a questionable aesthetic on the set. The tracklist is surprisingly one of the best in the series, protecting the title from a lot of criticism, but it still feels weird swinging around for Jimi Hendrix while the LEGO folks dance in the background.

Mario + The Battle of the Rabbids Kingdom

Mario and Raving Rabbit disguised as Mario

More unexpected than anything, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle manages to put some unlikely pieces together in a smooth game. Teleporting Raving Rabbids from their adjacent Rayman universe to Mario using a VR headset isn’t the easiest plot to follow. Once you’ve made your way through the extended introduction, the art of the game is some of the best in recent memory.

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Rabbids will dress up as iconic Nintendo actors and help Mario fight through the story, tackling all manner of obstacles – even other Rabbids – along the way. While the suit came out of nowhere, the game mechanics represent one of the best introductions to the tactical genre available. Prepare all newcomers for squad combat in a stress-free environment, highlighting all the best parts of the Mario franchise.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Mr X in the world of monster hunters

Only Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players during this special event would have seen the weird and wonderful fusion of Resident Evil 2 characters, cast into the world of the tropics. Complete with their own custom quest and armor sets, you’ll need to collect STAR badges to unlock the full look.

While you’re on the hunt, you’ll notice that they’ve also added an exclusive ‘zombified’ effect, slowing your movements and removing your usual healing effects, leaving you with a slow auto-healing. The slowed-down movement is enough to push away any normal player, mixing up the mechanics and giving veteran players a new hurdle to overcome.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

Raiden holding the shotta

Unreal Championship 2 took the mechanics of the arena shooter and wrapped it in futuristic Egyptian skin, a very unique theme that had never been explored before. You could even get your hands on Raiden, the character of Mortal Kombat, accompanied by the famous announcer of the series. Raiden draws inspiration from Japanese culture, a stark contrast to the weapon-carrying habits of Unreal Championship 2.

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The announcer out of his natural environment is exciting for the first matches, gradually losing his charm in a foreign land. These new additions did their job in advertising the game, but using them in the game felt awkward. Raiden has been one of the most powerful characters in the franchise, hardly needing a machine gun.

NBA Street V3

crossing of nintendo with the nba

NBA Street represented the gritty and relevant side of basketball, how many fans remember the game played themselves. With a surge in popularity in the early 2000s, the third title made its way to the Nintendo GameCube, the home of Mario and his friends who were waiting to shoot a few baskets. However, seeing the trio of much shorter characters on the pitch made for awkward gameplay and optics.

Playing three-on-three with Shaquille O’Neal, Princess Peach looks a bit out of her comfort zone. Trying to make short characters look good while playing against some of the biggest names in the NBA isn’t an easy task – you’ve been used to playing with normal physique when suddenly Luigi is flying over. your head and slam it home.

Playstation Move Heroes

Jak and the ratchet fights

Take the golden age of PlayStation duo characters – like Jak and Ratchet – and launch them all into a series of mini-games in the form of an action-adventure game. Fortunately, all of these characters had similar mechanics to combine in the first place, eliminating visual disturbance. Once you start getting into the entertaining storyline, you’ll appreciate how the characters manage to interact in a way that doesn’t feel overly scripted or forced.

The gameplay definitely left something to be desired – stepping away from the company’s top platform characters was an odd choice. All of the level designs looked like individual games that were put together to create a cohesive story, a functional gaming Frankenstein. You better stick to their respective series, the stories add up to more epic experiences in the long run.

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