500 celebrate July 4th at Gulf Coast Runners Firecracker 5k


Carole Nabbie recently competed in a 100 mile relay through the Florida Keys. So excelling in Saturday’s GCR Firecracker 5K race was no problem in comparison.

Finishing first in the overall standings of the female grandmasters division, Nabbie benefited from her experience and some old friendships during the annual Independence Day race at Fleischmann Park in Naples at an event that brought together 472 people. .

Nabbie was recently part of the winning women’s relay team of the 100-Mile Ultramarathon in the Florida Keys.

Race leader Nick Kamen of Naples makes his way through the Gulf Coast Runner's annual Fire Cracker 5k course on Saturday July 3, 2021 in the Lake Park neighborhood of Naples.  Kamen finished first with a time of 15: 49.8.

Nick Kamen, a graduate of Gulf Coast High, was the big winner. Katharina Tampermeier was the champion of the women’s general classification.

Nabbie felt that the race was worth preparing, and even lost a few winks the day before the race.

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“I didn’t sleep at all last night because I wanted so badly to finish first in my age group,” said Nabbie, from France who has lived in Naples for almost 20 years. “It was great competing against a group of people that I had done a 100 mile stint with a while back. The most important thing to deal with this morning was the humidity. The race is great because you make a lot of friendships here. There are a lot of people I got to know that I haven’t seen since last year’s race.

Cape Coral residents Megan Levi cross the finish line with Presley Levi, 5, on Saturday July 3, 2021, in Naples.  Over 500 runners competed in this year's 5K through the Lake Park neighborhood.

The race also attracted runners from 24 different states. One of them, Christine Blundred, is from Nashville and found a challenge in every part of the predominantly flat road race.

“I did a lot better than I expected. It was a well-organized race, ”said Blundred, who lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and is the manager of Christian music singer Danny Gokey. “The middle part was probably the most important part. At first you want to start quickly. In the middle, you want to stay in it and keep up. At the end, you want to finish well. Being from Tennessee, I see the courses with hills, so I prefer these unique courses.

Guy Blanchette of Naples was second in the 55-59 group on Saturday.

“It’s always a great race,” he said. “You want to ramp up and finish strong, but for me it was almost the opposite. I still love coming here, and have been coming here for eight years.

Runners take part in the annual Gulf Coast Runners Firecracker 5k, on Saturday July 3, 2021, in Naples.  More than 500 runners, runners / walkers and walkers participated in this year's 5 km through the park district of Lake Naples.

Other age division winners included: Scott Worthington, Masters Men’s Division; Megan Landmeier, women masters; Paul Strong, great male masters; Kevin McDermott, Grand Masters Senior Men; Nancy Stuparich, senior female grandmasters; Ethan Tank, men aged 15 to 19; Cameron Moore, men aged 20 to 24; Francisco Olalde, men 25-29; Matthew Cevallos, men 30-34; Justin Moomaw, men 35-39; Alberto Ortiz, men 40-44; Ella Flynn, women 15-19 years old; Marlee-Moon Gaddy Women 20-24; Aimee Osceola-Jones, women 25-29; Lindsay Bartos, women 30-34; Holly Thompson, women 35-39; and Dina Bajraktarevic, women 40-44.

Marissa Foreman, center, joins more than 500 participants in this year's Gulf Coast Runners Firecracker 5K race on Saturday, July 3, 2021, in the Lake Park neighborhood in Naples.

Gulf Coast Runners Firecracker 5k


1. Nick Kamen, Napoli 15: 49.8

2. Ryan Stafford, Fort Myers 16:05.

3. Logan Howard, Naples 16: 08.6

4. Kolton Pickard, Fort Myers 16: 10.4

5. Saintil Dorsainvil, Naples 16: 14.3

6. Cameron Moore, Franklin, Tennessee 16: 35.4

7. Ethan Reservoir, Fort Myers 16: 57.8

8. Char Hayden, Fort Myers 16: 58.2

9. William Montanye, Naples 17:13

10. Justin Moomaw, Naples 17: 17.8

11. Jackson Pope, Naples 17: 26.8

12. Matthieu Cevallos, Naples 18: 00.3

13. Helion Wong, Fort Myers 18:04.3

14. Michael Avola, Lehigh Acres 18:17,9

15. Paul Szczepaniak, San Francisco, CA 18:29.5

16. Andrew Mitchell, Naples 18: 34.2

17. Charles Pope, Naples 18: 43.5

18. Nestor Hernandez, Naples 18: 43.7

19. Scott Worthington, Herndon, Virginia 18:48.5

20. Tim Hugen, Naples 18: 51.6


1. Katharina Tampermeier, Naples 19: 08.7

2. Katie Beam, Naples 21: 21.1

3. Christine Blundred, Spring Hill, Tennessee 21: 21.4

4. Lauren Bogan, Naples 22: 16.3

5. Emma Kober, Cambridge, Mass. 22:20

6. Lindsay Bartos, Bonita Springs 22: 54.8

7. Holly Thompson, Naples 23: 02.3

8. Ella Flynn, Naples 23: 05.9

9. Abby Green, LaBelle 23: 08.7

10. Nikki Poteet, Naples 23: 17.5

11. Kerry Tudor, Naples 23: 45.0

12. Megan Landmeier 23: 39.8

13. Lean Reidenbach, Fort Myers 23: 44.4

14. Kristin Paiva, Naples 23: 47.9

15. Marlee-Moon Gaddy 23: 58.7

16. Aimée Osceola-Jones, Naples 24: 06.8

17. Hazel McNees, Marco Island 24: 31.2

18. Latifah Lowey, Naples 24: 38.9

19. Jilexy Velasquez, Ave Maria 24: 57.8

20. Emily Rypina Naples 25.40.3

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