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Throughout the history of the game, there has been a plethora of wonderful gaming experiences that just never came out. While not all games need a sequel, there are certainly some really standout titles out there that deserve more love in order to get a follow-up. There are plenty of reasons a game wouldn’t get a sequel, whether it’s due to poor sales, a closed narrative, or a lack of interest. However, the following games deserve a future title.

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Some of these games are well known while others have received the classic cult label. What each of these games shares is that they provide a fantastic playing experience across a variety of genres. Maybe one day there will be a sequel to one of these iconic games.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

mummy character in the sphinx and the cursed mummy

Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy is a fun, early 2000s 3D action-adventure game set in and around Egypt. You play as Sphinx as he seeks to stop the plans of the evil Set. Sphinx is largely a product of its time when there were many 3D action-adventure games.

Sphinx and Cursed Mummy are distinguished by their unique location which is full of mythological details. You would solve complex environmental puzzles as the Sphinx while taking on creative villains. It’s a shame this underrated game never got a sequel.

Second sight

second sight hallway game section

Second Sight, a very unique third-person psychological shooter, certainly should have garnered more attention when it was first released. Brought to you by the spirit of the incredible Timesplitters series, Second Sight blends action, moments of psychological horror and stealth with great effect.

The best part about Second Sight is that you can experience different styles of play. Yes, the game is primarily a stealth game, however, you can use paranormal psychic powers to leave devastation in your wake if you go for more. action.

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

psi-ops the Mindgate plot cover

Another truly hidden gem of the PS2 gaming era, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, stars Nick, a Psi Operator specializing in incredible psychic powers. This action-adventure title fell well under the radar but gained a pretty cult following due to its wacky ragdoll physics and powerful abilities, as well as an intriguing storyline.

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The game features traditional weapons for Nick to use. However, it was the unlockable psychic abilities that made you feel like a real powerhouse. The mysterious story of this game could have used a worthy sequel.

Glove maker

nintendo 64 glove box art

How come the Nintendo 64 platform game featuring a sensitive glove isn’t discussed more often? It’s unfortunate because Glover was and still is a very enjoyable 3D platformer from a bygone era. The unique twist of Glover’s gameplay was that you had to guide the titular character on top of a giant ball through creative and dynamic stages.

Glover certainly has its loyal fans, but it’s incredibly surprising that this game didn’t have a sequel. A new entry in the series could have added more worlds to explore and more abilities for Glover to master. Yes, pun intended.

Beetle Adventure Racing

Beetle Adventure Racing N64 Game

Nintendo 64’s Beetle Adventure Racing shouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it was back in the day. Who would have thought that a licensed racing game starring VW Beetles would actually be an absolute blast? Simply put, this game was pure arcade racing goodness.

What really made this game stand out was the plethora of diverse tracks and secret routes. The game almost looked like a go-kart racer due to its cartoonish nature and quirky physics. Finding a secret route through a hidden cave to get right in front of the racing pack made for a game that provided some thrilling moments.

Diddy Kong Racing

adventure mode hub in diddy kong races

Probably the most common go-kart racing games you hear about are Mario Kart or Crash Nitro Kart. However, real karting enthusiasts know that Diddy Kong Racing is the real king of the peloton. Diddy Kong Racing took a list of adorable characters and threw them into a racer where you could drive, fly, and even hover on the water.

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The ability to use different types of vehicles has really upped the ante for the kart racing subgenre. In addition to an amazing adventure mode, your items could also be combined for more powerful effects while racing. Please Nintendo remake this game or at least provide a proper sequel.


Ammeterasu fights several enemies in Okami

While Okami, the magnificent 3D adventure game, did receive a brilliant HD upgrade, it never received an actual sequel. It’s such a shame as Okami has taken the puzzle and exploration elements from The Legend of Zelda series but incorporated a unique brush mechanism to spice things up.

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Okami stars Amaterasu, an adorable and courageous wolf. Amaterasu would explore the elegantly designed worlds in order to restore them through the aforementioned painting mechanism. A sequel on Switch would be fine.


Jericho Cross wielding a crossbow in Darkwatch

Darkwatch was another action-adventure game from the 2000s, this time taking place from a first-person perspective. You play as a vampire cowboy, Jericho Cross, as he weaves his way through supernatural and steampunk-inspired worlds. Darkwatch was revolutionary for its blend of first-person shooter and vampiric abilities.

Interestingly, there had to be a Darkwatch 2. However, it was canceled, never to see the light of day. Darkwatch has to return somehow as its unique horror and action twist is still praised by fans to this day.

Eternal Sonata

Albedo and Polka in the Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata, the music-themed JRPG, is both exceptional and bizarre. It’s an exceptional game because of its amazing strategic action gameplay, amazing visuals, and creative game worlds. It’s weird because you’re literally playing the feverish dream of famous composer Frédéric Chopin.

This Xbox 360-era JRPG continues to fly under the radar. Die-hard JRPG fans know its embellishment and fun, however, many other genre fans have missed out on this gem of a game. A sequel with another songwriter could really help bring this game back buried to help show this off. that people missed.


vampyr characters in dialogue

The most recent game on this list, Vampyr, deserves a follow-up in one form or another because of how it blends nuanced interactions and character development with action-RPG gameplay. You play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a blood transfusion specialist who also happens to be a vampire, which, of course, is a real puzzle to him.

While Vampyr has received generally positive reviews, primarily for its storytelling, characters, and world-building, the game has been a disappointment for many due to its combat. However, the vampiric abilities coupled with the ability to bite or not bite citizens helped set this game apart.

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