10 horror movies that will never put you to sleep again


On average, we spend 26 years of our life doing this, over 200,000 hours, far more than 40 winks. It’s something we never get tired of, something we can always count on to make us feel better. It is of course: to sleep.

It’s such an important and inevitable part of all of our lives – but what happens when sleep suddenly becomes something other than relaxing? Sleep and dreams can be the perfect vehicles for a bit of horror.

There is a potential for haunting nightmares or sinister sleepwalking, and it all made a bit more terrifying because we’ll have to sleep at some point after watching!

This movie collection is just a small sample of the movies that will make you want to never sleep again.

They say dying in your sleep is supposed to be a peaceful path, but from what these movies suggest, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. So the next time you take a nap, keep in mind that you might actually fall into your eternal sleep …

When you are a kid and you have a bad dream, one of the simplest and most reassuring things your parents can tell you is that it is “just a dream” and that “it cannot. do harm in real life ”. Imagine, however, that somehow your dreams come true and could cause untold damage in the waking world.

Cody is a young orphan, adopted by a couple who recently lost their own young son in an unfortunate accident. As they take it, they discover that anything he dreams of can come true in real life – good and bad things.

What begins as a beautiful display of colorful butterflies soon gives way to appearances of nightmarish creatures haunting Cody’s dreams. As poor Cody sleeps and dreams of scary things, those around him experience their anger in real time.

Imagine if every night before you fell asleep you had to worry about having nightmares, not only for your own good, but also for your loved ones. What is just a bad dream for you may be the end of the line for them …


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