10 Funniest Moments Someone Broke Character In ‘Murderville’ Ranked


When Netflix is Murderville casts guest celebrities in an episode without giving them a script, the cast can’t anticipate all the results. As the writers’ loose plans clashed with the actors’ unpredictability, each of Terry Seattle (Arnett) trainees entered scenarios that destroyed their ability to keep a straight face. And in turn, these talented guests threw curveballs that the cast weren’t ready to receive without a laugh.

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You can hardly blame the cast for breaking character, as these are some of the most hilarious moments on the show. It’s hard to blame someone for smiling when you laugh so hard you can’t breathe. Murderville had a lot of moments that were just plain funny.

10) Marshawn Lynch disarmed a Worthington hat-trick

mv marshawn disarm

Marshawn Lynch keeps a straight face better than any of the actors who have followed Terry Seattle, only smiling once when he hears his codename. But he breaks character in a very different way as he and Terry investigate the doomsday bunker, one of Worthington’s triplets (Rob Huebel) hides. When their entrance triggers an alarm, a man wearing a gas mask and wielding a baseball bat rushes towards them through the flashing lights and blaring siren. As the man looks away, Marshawn slams him into a couch and takes his bat away.

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Maybe that moment was a little scripted. But if you take the show’s description at face value, it seems that Lynch stopped improvising as a detective while Huebel was able to briefly improvise as one of the many people easily knocked down by Beast Mode during his time as a running back.


9) Ken Jeong blamed for broken wind/silence

mv ken jeong fart

During his investigation, Ken Jeong sneaks into Police Commissioner Barton (Phil LaMarr) office to search for evidence. When Barton suddenly returns early, Jeong has to sneak silently into the office to avoid detection. He succeeds until Terry Seattle hits him with a classic, albeit amateur, prank; He makes a loud fart noise to break the silence and blames Jeong. As Jeong struggles to hold on, Seattle repeats the prank until Jeong loses it and gets caught by Barton.

8) Annie Murphy hears her own logic

mv annie reasoning

At the end of each episode of Murdervillethe guest must reflect on their investigation and attempt to solve the murder. Annie Murphy successfully solves the crime, though this may have more to do with luck than logic. She correctly recognizes Mrs. Cortez’s (Erica Hernández) travel story and whistle, but she perceives clues hidden in the crime scene that were not.

Arnette and Hernandez blink quickly and try not to react as Murphy explains. Murphy can’t help but laugh as chef Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle (Haneefah Wood) gives his most hilarious assessment of an intern’s reasoning and lashes out at Murphy’s conspiratorial logic.

7) Conan O’Brien Finds Terry Seattle’s Answer to Incredible Magic

magic mv conan

When Conan O’Brien helps Terry Seattle interrogate a magician (David Wain), they are entitled to magic up close. Seattle (perhaps a reference to Arnett’s character from Development stopped?) is blown away by the magician’s skill and stunned by the aggressive mood he tried to bring to the interrogation. After seeing a card trick, Seattle panics and falls out of his chair. He continues to overreact as Conan alternates between acting annoyed and covering his face while laughing. Arnett and Wain are clearly having fun toying with O’Brien for the rest of the scene.

6) Kumail Nanjiani learns an important crime scene lesson

corpse mouth mv kumail

Kumail Nanjiani works the most absurd crime scene of Murderville when one of Terry Seattle’s classmates is found dead with an old internet test disc thrown around his neck. Nanjiani navigates the ridiculous scene confidently until it’s time to wrap it up. Seattle lets him know he forgot something: “The first thing you always do is check the mouth for murder notes.” So, he slowly opens the corpse’s mouth and starts laughing as he pulls out a piece of paper. Nanjiani’s laughter proves infectious as the corpse begins to laugh along with him.

5) Sharon Stone chooses science over Seattle

mv sharon heart

When they first meet, Terry Seattle warns Sharon Stone not to fall in love with him. Despite her doubts, Stone never falls in love with him. Not only does she prove resistant to catching feelings for Seattle, but she also proves resistant to catching a literal heart when it’s thrown at her.

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When Seattle finds the victim’s heart stomped on the ground, he tries to take it as evidence. But medical examiner Amber Kang (Lilan Bowden) claims she needs it for the autopsy. The two force Stone to decide, asking if she’s on the side of Seattle or the side of science. She replies, “I’m always on the side of science,” before Kang and Seattle argue over hearts. Seattle throws it to Stone who, in a very rare moment of loss of balance, screams in panic and drops the heart.

4) Conan O’Brien can’t eat another bite.

mv conan spicy

When Conan O’Brien and Terry Seattle will interview Captivating Keith’s (DeMorge Brown) a former assistant at her new job as a waitress, they order food to get closer to the suspect. Seattle gets the “Sloppy Jalapenjoes” and slathers O’Brien’s in hot sauce. O’Brien has to eat incredibly spicy food while asking the interview questions. The first bite seems like more than he can handle, but he continues as Seattle gives him one bite after another. Arnett breaks character a bit by watching O’Brien suffer until the anguished man finally refuses to eat any more of the spicy sandwich.

3) Terry Seattle sees Annie Murphy’s self-portrait

mv annie self portrait

When Annie Murphy and Terry Seattle interview an elementary school teacher, she has them draw a self-portrait during the conversation. Murphy struggles at several points in the interview, but when Ms. Cortez assesses their self-portraits, it becomes more than Arnett can bear. Ms. Cortez holds up a stick figure with some interesting anatomical decisions while praising Murphy’s knowledge of biology. Murphy doesn’t seem to expect her drawing to make it onto the screen as she stares wide-eyed. Meanwhile, Arnett locks his face in an expression and struggles not to laugh.

2) Conan O’Brien reveals the leader of his childhood bullies


Conan O’Brien goes undercover to investigate Kathy (Alison Becker), the leader of the local chapter of MAMA (Mothers Against Magic Association). As a first-time participant in the group’s meetings, O’Brien must share how he came to recognize the dangers of magic.

Flexing his late-night muscles, he cooks up a hilarious on-the-spot story about his childhood aspiration to be a stage magician that ended in a 40-minute beating by a bunch of bullies. Kathy doubts her story and asks what happened to the bullies, to which O’Brien replies, “They all became senators.” When Kathy asks for names, O’Brien reveals that the main bully was Diane Feinstein. Becker breaks character, laughing so hard she has to turn away to collect herself.

1) The dead are not respected by Sharon Stone


One of the funniest moments of Murderville comes when Terry Seattle takes Sharon Stone to see a corpse whose heart was cut out by the murderer. When he notices that the killer took the time to sew up the corpse’s chest, he admires their work and wonders exactly how they did it, pinching the corpse’s nipples and making absurd sounds as he does. pretending to close the chest. It doesn’t take long before Stone joins us.

Just put yourself in that corpse’s place. You’re an actor who lands a role in a new comedy starring Will Arnett. You may not have lines, but you share a stage with the legendary Sharon Stone! And then these two icons pinch you and make ridiculous noises. The corpse may laugh noticeably, but it’s hysterical and understandable.

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