10 Fastest Stardust Crusaders Stands, Ranked


Stardust Crusaders is the third installment of JoJo’s bizarre adventure. The animated series is adapted from Hirohiko Araki’s manga and follows Jotaro Kujo and the other Crusaders as they travel to Egypt to find DIO.

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Stardust Crusaders is also the series that establishes the concept of Stands. Stands are the physical manifestation of a person’s spiritual energy, and they can use their Stands to fight. Stardust Crusaders Not only introduces fans to the different pit types, but also some of the fastest in the series.

ten Horus can create ice at a rapid rate

Horus is the Pet Shop ice cream stand

Horus is the booth owned by Pet Shop, a hawk that guards DIO’s hiding place. Horus is related to Pet Shop and therefore can be used in conjunction with the former’s ability to fly and maneuver in the air.

Horus is producing ice cream at a rapid rate, and Pet Shop uses ice in a variety of ways. It can generate large chunks of ice capable of crushing enemies or sharp ice projectiles. Horus’ abilities aren’t limited to land, but he can travel underwater and produce ice at the same rate.

9 The emperor wastes no time reloading

The Emperor is the stand of Hol Horse

The Emperor is the Stand that belongs to Hol Horse. He appears in the form of a revolver that Hol Horse can summon directly into his hand. Due to his summoning ability, Hol Horse can produce sneak attacks and is always the first to strike.

Not only can Hol Horse summon the Emperor quickly, but he also controls the trajectory of his bullets. With an endless supply of bullets, Hol Horse can fire ammo quickly and never has to waste time reloading.

8 Anubis gets stronger and faster with use

Anubis can have multiple users

Anubis is one of the deadliest booths introduced in Stardust Crusaders. Unlike other Stands, Anubis is unique in that it does not necessarily have a single owner. He will possess whoever wields him, and Stardust Crusaders, he owns Polnareff.

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Another interesting feature of Anubis is its ability to learn and grow with its user. Since it has a user, it gets stronger and faster with each use. When Polnareff is possessed by Anubis, Jotaro finds it difficult to fight him, even with his quick Stand Star Platinum, in part because Anubis acquires the sword fighting skills of Polnareff.

7 Hierophant Green has a fast attack

Hierophant Green is owned by Kakyoin Nariaki

Hierophant Green is a stand that Kakyoin Noriaki has had since birth. For this reason, he has developed an incredible mastery with his booth. One of Hierophant Green’s most powerful attacks is Emerald Splash.

Emerald Splash is obtained by storing energy in the body of Hierophant Green. Then, when the energy is released, it erupts at a rapid rate, projecting emeralds in a scattered pattern that causes great destruction.

6 The magician’s red is faster than it looks

Magician's Red is Avdol's stand

Magician’s Red is the booth owned by Muhammad Avdol. Despite his bulky and muscular appearance, Magician’s Red actually possesses a good amount of speed, as demonstrated when he is able to dodge Silver Chariot’s attack.

Avdol has great control over the Magician’s Red flames, and with just a thought, he can manipulate them as he pleases. It can also ignite or extinguish flames instantly. Although Magician’s Red is a close range booth, it has a powerful and deadly range with its flames.

5 Hangman can escape attack

Hangman moves faster than the speed of light

The Hanged Man is one of the most difficult stalls the Crusaders encounter on their journey. It is a light-based medium that travels through reflective surfaces. This ability is not limited to glass or mirrors, but includes any reflective surface, such as the human eye.

Due to this ability, it is almost impossible to defend against. Hangman moves at the speed of light and is very evasive. Although it is fast, it can still be damaged if a medium catches it between the transit of reflective surfaces.

4 Silver Chariot creates images after

Silver Chariot is Polnareff's stand

Silver Chariot is Jean Pierre Polnareff’s armored combat stand. The armor is used to protect Polnareff from damage, but it slows down Silver Chariot’s movements. When Silver Chariot gets rid of his heavy armor, it gets blazingly fast.

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Silver Chariot can move faster than the human eye can see, and as a result, it seems to appear in many places at once, due to the consecutive images it creates from its rapid movement. His speed is also seen in his sword strikes and thrusts that he unleashes faster than an enemy can react.

3 Star Platinum can catch balls

Star Platinum is Jotaro's booth

Star Platinum is Jotaro Kujo’s stand and is one of the most powerful in the series. Although this is a close range stand, he overcomes his distance inhibitor with his incredible strength, accuracy and speed.

Star Platinum is said to be faster than the speed of light. Jotaro’s stand is so incredibly fast that he is able to catch bullets, even if they are shot at close range. His fastest attack is the iconic Ora Ora barrage of punches to overwhelm opponents.

2 The world can attack before an enemy realizes it

The world is Dio's booth

Like Star Platinum, The World is a convenience stand, although its range extends further than the former. The Humanoid Stand belongs to DIO, the main antagonist of Stardust Crusaders. DIO claims their Stand The World is faster than Jotaro’s Star Platinum.

The world also unleashes a fury of punches as one of its main attacks. Due to its ability to stop time, The World can attack an opponent or kill them before they even know it, as in the fight with Kakyoin.

1 Tower Of Gray causes destruction and mayhem in seconds

Tower of Gray is faster than Star Platinum

Tower of Gray is a small stand with the appearance of a beetle. In addition to his normal pincers, he has a hidden secondary jawbone and a mouth with teeth that he uses to tear his victims apart. It’s so fast that it can rip multiple people apart in seconds.

The Gray Tower’s speed and agility allow it to dodge attacks. He’s able to dodge Emerald Splash, which is Hierophant Green’s fastest attack, and he’s also faster than Jotaro’s Stand Star Platinum.

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