10 Anime Characters Who Use Puppets To Fight


Absolutely anything can be a weapon in anime. From standard swords and guns to less conventional choices like hammers or fans, there’s no limit to what an anime character can use to defeat their enemies. However, one of the more interesting choices is when a character uses a puppet to fight.

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Some of the strongest fighters in anime are puppeteers who won their battles by proxy. Many of them fight using puppets, while others use life-size puppets that they can control remotely. Whichever they choose, these puppeteers can put on an entertaining show while defeating their enemies.

This article contains spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

ten Kankuro is a skilled puppeteer (Naruto)

Kankuro is a skilled puppeteer in naruto. Trained by master puppeteer Sasori, his skills have been recognized by the best in his field. Many of his puppets were created by Sasori, but Kankuro is adept at modifying and manipulating them. His puppeteering skills improved throughout the series.

He went from just one puppet at a time in the first part to manipulating several simultaneously in the second part. Kankuro quickly understood the chakra threads and mastered them easily, but then learned more about the chakra path. With this, he could discreetly capture his enemies with a thread and disrupt their natural flow of chakra. His Dark Secret Technique is his signature, and every ability in his catalog is impressive.

9 Evangeline AK McDowell is the master of dolls (Negima!)

Evangeline of Negima! is a vampire who has earned the title of Doll Master. She can control inanimate dolls and living people against their will. She can either use her vampiric abilities to do so, or take advantage of her status as a powerful mage and control them with magical threads.

Evangeline has made a name for herself in the magical world. Initially villainous, people referred to her as the “Apostle of Calamity” or “Queen of Darkness” due to her creepy puppeteering skills.

8 Mother Spider is the puppeteer of Mount Natagumo (Demon Slayer)

Mother Spider was one of the scariest villains in demon slayer. Although she had a tragic history, her puppeteering skills were just too weird for fans to ignore. She can manifest threads from her fingers long enough to cover the entirety of Mount Natagumo.

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Any intruders on her family’s lands are now fair game to fall victim to her Blood Demon Art, with which she captures and controls them like puppets. She violently contorts the bodies of her victims and brings out all their strength, even if it hurts them. She can also control the corpses of demons and humans.

seven Momochi Rappa uses human puppets (Gintama)

Momochi Rappa’s Gintama at first seems modest. Dressed in a standard maid dress and with a deadpan facial expression, no one saw her puppeteering skills coming. She uses human puppets to fight.

When she ties her sons to someone, Momochi can control them like a puppet and force them to do her bidding. As the head of the Momochi family, she is quite a strong ninja with an unconventional ability. As she is the only member of the clan that fans have seen so far, many are wondering what the other members have up their sleeves.

6 Toshikazu Hazamada’s stand is a giant dummy (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Toshikazu Hazamada may have turned into a good guy after getting a classic beating from Joestar, but he was pretty mean when he debuted in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Diamond Is Unbreakable. His stand, Surface, is a human-sized mannequin that can transform into another person.

He perfectly imitates that person’s mannerisms, fashion, and even voice. However, he must be careful to protect his delicate wooden body. The Stand can also control people through forced synchronization. When Surface transformed into Josuke, it forced him to copy all of his moves.

5 Kokichi Muta uses a cursed corpse to fight vicariously (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Kokichi Muta’s Jujutsu Kaisen uses his cursed corpse, Ultimate Mechamaru, to fight vicariously. Kokichi’s body is sickly and fragile, so he cannot engage in high-stakes battles like many of his peers. Thus, he uses his puppet manipulation technique to control Mechamaru and attend Jujutsu High from a distance.

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Kokichi has three cursed corpse puppets. Ultimate Mechamaru is his standard model. Mode: Absolute is the upgraded model that puts Kokichi in the driver’s seat. This is the last resort as it requires special levels of cursed energy. Finally, he used his communication puppets after the Shibuya incident to communicate information to his fellow wizards and bug his enemies.

4 Doflamingo’s Devil Fruit Gave Him His Puppeteer Powers (One Piece)

After eating the Ito Ito no Mi, One Piece Doflamingo has become a String Human. He can generate and manipulate sharp ropes that can attach to any surface, solid or not. Doflamingo captures people with his sons and controls them like puppets.

It can control multiple people simultaneously without apparent effort. Doflamingo manipulates people with his tricks to pit them against each other. He will have them fighting while he sits back and enjoys the show. He can also manipulate armies of controlled humans to fight on his behalf; if they are not enough, it will create string clones.

3 Sharnalk can control people with a cell phone (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X Hunter Shalnark has one of the most terrifying Nen abilities in the series. After piercing someone with a special antenna, he takes control of their psyche and can manipulate them to follow his command. His victims become mindless puppets that he can control from afar using a cell phone.

Sharnalk could also put them on “autopilot”, meaning they would be programmed to follow his instructions with minimal guidance. If he stabs himself with the antenna, he will go into autopilot mode and expend massive amounts of aura. It also cannot leave that headspace until its work is complete.

2 Puppeteer controls his puppets through wires (Fire Force)

fire force Puppeteer, the aptly named, can control her puppets through wires. She named her puppets the “Dominion”. Despite its stature, it’s a mighty weapon that combines its strength with Puppeteer’s impressive firepower. Since it is controlled by flames and not electricity, its wires cannot be interfered with.

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As a last resort, Puppeteer can unleash his Dominion of Punishment, a robotic puppet more powerful than the others. It’s a finely tuned killing machine that can be controlled with thin, delicate strings. He is capable of mass destruction and can take down all enemies in his path.

1 Sasori is a real puppeteer (Naruto: Shippuden)

Sasori’s Naruto Shippuden is a real puppeteer. His grandmother raised him to be a talented puppeteer. He has created hundreds of puppets and can even control living beings like puppets on a string.

He was so good at puppetry that he made the simplest ninjutsu a performance, dubbing it the Red Secret Technique. As expected, he was a master of Chakra Threads and had the upper hand in long range combat. One of Sasori’s most powerful puppets was Hiruko, which he could use as both armor and a weapon simultaneously.

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